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Weed Infused Honey with sweet Vanilla is amazing. Add this weed honey to tea. Great in weed baking recipes. Cannabis Vanilla Honey is a delicious and easy to make weed infusion.
Much like Weed Infused Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Enjoy this sweet weed treat with a glass of milk. Cannabis Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups are the perfect weed edible.  
Cannabis Oil made into powder using maltodextrin. Follow this simple DIY weed recipe. Create Cannabis Oil Powder to increase bioavailability in weed edibles.
Try these simple Cannabis Lemon Bars. This weed edible is a classic snack with a cannabis twist. Follow this video for an amazing weed treat. 
Great weed party recipe. Follow this simple way to infuse cannabis in fruit. Be sure to enjoy weed infused watermelon responsibly. THC Vodka Watermelon Sticks are highly potent.  
THC infused, this Weed Mac and Cheese recipe is delicious and creamy. Check out this video for the perfect savory cannabis meal idea.
This Cannabis Cotton Candy is easy to create. Sweet your Weed Cotton Candy with cannabis sugar. This is the perfect weed treat for all seasons. 
Banana Split THC Shooters are delicious and fully infused. This weed recipe makes a great 420 party drink. Enjoy this sweet weed shooter responsibly.
Call it weed brownies or pot brownies. This weed edible classic is super potent and easy to create! Check out this video to create your own Cannabis Brownies at home. 
Learn to make Weed Oreo Cookie Balls for Halloween! Celebrate this day with delicious cannabis cookie balls that everyone will love. This is a great weed edible for a cannabis  party!