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A great cannabis infused dip. Cannabis Salsa is an easy and quick to make weed snack. Great for a weed party food!
Weed Infused Honey with sweet Vanilla is amazing. Add this weed honey to tea. Great in weed baking recipes. Cannabis Vanilla Honey is a delicious and easy to make weed infusion.
Great weed party recipe. Follow this simple way to infuse cannabis in fruit. Be sure to enjoy weed infused watermelon responsibly. THC Vodka Watermelon Sticks are highly potent.  
This Cannabis Cotton Candy is easy to create. Sweet your Weed Cotton Candy with cannabis sugar. This is the perfect weed treat for all seasons. 
Banana Split THC Shooters are delicious and fully infused. This weed recipe makes a great 420 party drink. Enjoy this sweet weed shooter responsibly.
Learn to make Weed Popcorn for movie night! This THC infused popcorn is super tasty and easy to make. Enjoy a salty weed snack while you watch your favorite film. Check out this easy to follow video for delicious Cannabis Popcorn! 
Homemade cannabis peanut butter from scratch. Made from fresh peanuts and cannabis oil. Create the perfect weed spread for cannabis snacks or weed baking ideas.
Is it a hot summer day? Try THC Infused Milkshakes to cool down. Be careful not to over consume as these weed drinks are hard to stop sipping!
Wake up to a warm weed beverage. Cannabis Infused Salted Caramel Coffee is a sweet and savory weed drink that you'll be craving for days. Learn to create weed infused salted caramel sauce and add it to this delicious coffee!
Enjoy this Weed Infused Green Smoothie Drink as a morning weed snack or after work out weed beverage. This cannabis infused drink taste great! Enjoy a healthy weed smoothie! Follow this DIY video to create your marijuana green smoothie!