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 Cannadish — Everything D.I.Y and Cannabis

Do you want to make at home weed edibles? Are you looking to buy the latest cannabis gadgets or CBD products? Cannadish shows you how to create homemade cannabis edibles and CBD infused  health and beauty products, while connecting you with the tools you need to get it done. 

We are an educational platform that is home to thousands of creative cannabis infused recipes and select CBD products. Our focus is to bring you easy to follow D.I.Y videos, weed edible recipes, and cannabis products through industry leading delivery. 

Our Story

Cannadish is born of a unique identified need within the burgeoning cannabis community. As cannabis legalization slowly dominates the United States, the creators of Cannadish see an exciting opportunity to educate the public. The founders continue to formulate cannabis-based recipes to teach medicinal and recreational cannabis enthusiasts to properly create cannabis infusions.

This is what you can expect on our platform.

Our site features a healthy list of cannabis recipes that are easy to follow and free of charge since 2017. As the cannabis market continues to explode, engagement with the site and social media is growing to be enormous.

Fortunately, the foundation of the site remains today by way of thousands of complimentary cannabis recipes. The list spans creative CBD and THC extractions, infused baked goods, weed based main dishes, and D.I.Y cannabis beauty products.

In addition, we feature articles that convey the latest in cannabis news and what is trending in cannabis culture. Cannadish is home to D.I.Y videos that teach our audience how to create weed infusions starring industry experts and influencers.

This is what is next in the evolution of Cannadish.

Excitingly, Cannadish is in a unique and fortunate position. Our company is diving into e-commerce with the intention of simplifying access to cannabis products for our audience even further. Through meticulous vetting, and a whole lot of travel, Cannadish is sourcing the latest cannabis products that span CBD for pets, cannabis gadgets, CBD beauty and wellness products, weed edibles, and marijuana retreats.

At Cannadish, we are committed to the preservation of our core by continuing to provide thousands of free cannabis recipes. The evolution of Cannadish will streamline access to best in class cannabis products, while remaining the hub for everything D.I.Y and cannabis.

If you’re wondering what sets us apart…

We are not your typical cannabis company. We are chronically working to bring you innovative and fun CBD products and cannabis cooking gadgets. We boast thousands of D.I.Y recipes and are always available to assist you in your creations through our comments  section. That’s right, if you need help putting together a recipe, you can speak directly with one our team members to help you get it done right the first time. Excitingly, we are partnering with top influencers to keep you up to date on the latest trends in cannabis culture.   

It doesn’t end here!

We believe in contributing to the cannabis world in ways that far surpass cannabis recipes and CBD products. Cannadish is committed to the safe enjoyment of all our products and services.  

Head on over to our Social Responsibility page to see our Cannadish P.A.S.S  program.

Here you will learn how we inform our audience and partnerships of our industry leading initiatives. Check out our Social Responsibility pillars: Participate, Access, Sustainability Practices, and Social Responsibility (P.A.S.S.).


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