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A great cannabis infused dip. Cannabis Salsa is an easy and quick to make weed snack. Great for a weed party food!
Weed Chicken Wings are delicious. These THC wings might just be your next Superbowl weed party food. Create this delicious weed edible in no time.
THC infused, this Weed Mac and Cheese recipe is delicious and creamy. Check out this video for the perfect savory cannabis meal idea.
Learn to make Cannabis Infused Pot Pie. This THC weed edible makes a great weed dinner or cannabis lunch meal. Follow our DIY video and learn to cook with cannabis. 
Learn to make Cannabis Lasagna! This super potent edible is easy to create and very tasty. Whip up a large weed lasagna for a delicious cannabis lunch or weed dinner party with friends!