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This Cannabis Cotton Candy is easy to create. Sweet your Weed Cotton Candy with cannabis sugar. This is the perfect weed treat for all seasons. 
Learn to make Cannabis Bubblegum. This weed gum is tasty and a discrete way to dose THC. Check out this DIY video for weed infused gum. We use cannabis sugar to sweeten this classic weed candy. 
Cannabis Infused Lollipops are a discrete and sweet high. Follow this DIY video to learn to create Cannabis Lollipops using a THC Tincture. 
Cannabis marshmallows are perfect for a camping trip with friends. Slowly get high from the THC while enjoying cannabis treats by the fire. Check out this DIY recipe for weed infused marshmallows!
If you are looking for CBD gummies or THC gummy recipes, you can follow the process in this video. This recipe calls for a cannabis tincture for high quality gummies! Using a cannabis infused tincture is best as a fat base does not work well for weed gummies. Check it out! 
Cannabis Sugar is the perfect weed infusion. Use your cannasugar for weed gummies, cannabis beverages, weed candies, and more! It can also be used to make cannabis topicals such as sugar scrubs. Infuse your sugar with THC, CBD, or both! Check out the DIY Video!
If you are looking for a different kind of weed recipe, look no further. This cannabis gummy bear is not like the everyday edible. Create a giant weed gummy made with cannabis tincture for the best end result.