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This Cannabis Oreo Cake is delicious! Enjoy this simple weed cake in no time. Perfect for a Cannabis Birthday Cake or any special occasion weed treat.
Try these simple Cannabis Lemon Bars. This weed edible is a classic snack with a cannabis twist. Follow this video for an amazing weed treat. 
Call it weed brownies or pot brownies. This weed edible classic is super potent and easy to create! Check out this video to create your own Cannabis Brownies at home. 
Learn to make a weed Birthday Cake. This simple birthday cake infused with THC will complement a cannabis birthday party perfectly. Check out our DIY video for an easy weed dessert that will feed the group. This weed cake will make your day!  
Incredibly tasty cannabis chocolate cake! This weed cake contains a nice layer of chocolate frosting and soft texture. Fully packed with THC, this cannabis dessert is perfect for a 420 party or birthday.