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Cannabis Ice Cream is a great cold weed edible during the summer. Enjoy a perfect cold weed treat with canna cookies or weed cake for extra power! 
Cannabis Infused Churros are the perfect weed dessert. Enjoy this tasty weed treat in no time. Perfect for a cannabis party or everyday weed treat. 
This Cannabis Christmas Gingerbread House is a unique way to make weed edibles. Create and decorate a fun Weed Gingerbread House for an interactive weed edible.
This Cannabis Oreo Cake is delicious! Enjoy this simple weed cake in no time. Perfect for a Cannabis Birthday Cake or any special occasion weed treat.
Learn how to make a cannabis hazelnut spread with chocolate and weed oil. Cannabis Infused Nutella is a great weed snack that is easy to make. Enjoy on toast or as part of a weed dessert. 
Much like Weed Infused Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Enjoy this sweet weed treat with a glass of milk. Cannabis Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups are the perfect weed edible.  
Try these simple Cannabis Lemon Bars. This weed edible is a classic snack with a cannabis twist. Follow this video for an amazing weed treat. 
This Cannabis Cotton Candy is easy to create. Sweet your Weed Cotton Candy with cannabis sugar. This is the perfect weed treat for all seasons. 
Call it weed brownies or pot brownies. This weed edible classic is super potent and easy to create! Check out this video to create your own Cannabis Brownies at home. 
Learn to make Weed Oreo Cookie Balls for Halloween! Celebrate this day with delicious cannabis cookie balls that everyone will love. This is a great weed edible for a cannabis  party!