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Learn how to make a cannabis hazelnut spread with chocolate and weed oil. Cannabis Infused Nutella is a great weed snack that is easy to make. Enjoy on toast or as part of a weed dessert. 
Much like Weed Infused Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Enjoy this sweet weed treat with a glass of milk. Cannabis Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups are the perfect weed edible.  
Call it weed brownies or pot brownies. This weed edible classic is super potent and easy to create! Check out this video to create your own Cannabis Brownies at home. 
Cozy up to a warm weed beverage. Cannabis White Hot Chocolate is easy to make and fantastic to taste. Enjoy this weed white hot chocolate next to the fire or on a cold winter night. 
Surprise your loved one with these cannabis infused Valentine's Chocolates. Use an empty box and fill them with cannabis candies sweetly tied with a bow. Let your lover know you made THC weed chocolates for the ultimate cannabis gift!
Cannabis Infused Cookies with an interesting twist. These easy to make weed cookies are super delicious and fun! Follow our DIY Video to create your own weed infused Twix Cookies! 
Incredibly tasty cannabis chocolate cake! This weed cake contains a nice layer of chocolate frosting and soft texture. Fully packed with THC, this cannabis dessert is perfect for a 420 party or birthday.