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A great cannabis infused dip. Cannabis Salsa is an easy and quick to make weed snack. Great for a weed party food!
Weed Infused Honey with sweet Vanilla is amazing. Add this weed honey to tea. Great in weed baking recipes. Cannabis Vanilla Honey is a delicious and easy to make weed infusion.
Homemade cannabis peanut butter from scratch. Made from fresh peanuts and cannabis oil. Create the perfect weed spread for cannabis snacks or weed baking ideas.
Enjoy this Weed Infused Green Smoothie Drink as a morning weed snack or after work out weed beverage. This cannabis infused drink taste great! Enjoy a healthy weed smoothie! Follow this DIY video to create your marijuana green smoothie! 
Cannabis Olive Oil is great to use for weed salads, dressing, and other cannabis edibles. Use your weed oil  to make beauty and wellness products and cannabis topicals!