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Weed Chicken Wings are delicious. These THC wings might just be your next Superbowl weed party food. Create this delicious weed edible in no time.
This Cannabis Christmas Gingerbread House is a unique way to make weed edibles. Create and decorate a fun Weed Gingerbread House for an interactive weed edible.
Great weed party recipe. Follow this simple way to infuse cannabis in fruit. Be sure to enjoy weed infused watermelon responsibly. THC Vodka Watermelon Sticks are highly potent.  
Learn to make Weed Oreo Cookie Balls for Halloween! Celebrate this day with delicious cannabis cookie balls that everyone will love. This is a great weed edible for a cannabis  party! 
Learn to make Cannabis Infused Pot Pie. This THC weed edible makes a great weed dinner or cannabis lunch meal. Follow our DIY video and learn to cook with cannabis. 
Celebrate with weed infused champagne mimosas. Learn to make cannabis cocktails suitable for a weed wedding. Ring in the New Year with Weed Mimosas or enjoy a THC infused weed brunch. This THC drink is simple and delicious. 
Learn to make a weed Birthday Cake. This simple birthday cake infused with THC will complement a cannabis birthday party perfectly. Check out our DIY video for an easy weed dessert that will feed the group. This weed cake will make your day!  
Cozy up to a warm weed beverage. Cannabis White Hot Chocolate is easy to make and fantastic to taste. Enjoy this weed white hot chocolate next to the fire or on a cold winter night. 
Surprise your loved one with these cannabis infused Valentine's Chocolates. Use an empty box and fill them with cannabis candies sweetly tied with a bow. Let your lover know you made THC weed chocolates for the ultimate cannabis gift!
For Christmas, we're showing you how to make Cannabis Sugar Cookies! Perfect for beginner and advanced cannabis cooks. Check out our DIY video and learn to make Christmas Cannacookies that you will love!