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Cannadish P.A.S.S

Cannadish is a D.I.Y media company that is committed to establishing a transformative social impact within the cannabis community on a global scale. Our products, partnerships, and team members are carefully vetted to ensure that each engage in our platforms while championing our corporate social responsibility pillars: Participate, Access, Sustainability Practices, and Social Responsibility (Cannadish P.A.S.S). Discover the many ways that we are working to create a socially responsible, safe, and inclusive platform for the betterment of cannabis culture.

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Social Impact Initiatives:

We believe that our social impact is just as important as delivering our products and recipes to you. We foster relationships with community outreach programs, entrepreneurs, small businesses, colleges, and universities.

At Cannadish, all partnerships, products, and team members are subject to our P.A.S.S. program. The purpose of our program is to ensure that every single piece of the Cannadish puzzle must align with the following social impact pillars: Participate, Access, Sustability Practices, and Social Responsibility (P.A.S.S.).

This is how we break it down:

ParticipateCannadish offers the best in DIY recipes for edibles consumers. In this role, we participate in creating responsible dosing for every recipe. This includes liaising with physicians, chefs, and research entities that provide information about cannabinoid concentrations of different chemovars, physiology of metabolites, and the chemistry of cooking. We welcome partnerships that share our vision in responsibly promoting a healthy cannabis culinary culture. 


Access: Our professionally trained cannabis chef gives access to his most coveted cannabis recipes and culinary expertise.  His expert knowledge base of the cannabis plant provides an educational experience that empowers the domestic chef. Cannadish gives direct access to our team of experts to answer your questions, concerns, and to work out culinary struggles. 


Sustainability Practices: We place priority in sourcing sustainable materials and reducing company waste. We care about the long-term environmental impact of our packaging and delivery systems. 


Social Responsibility:  We encourage our community to responsibly medicate with cannabis in consultation with their physician. Cannadish promotes responsible dosing and educates patients on the impact cannabis treatment may have on driving and workplace responsibilities


This is Who We're Working With

This is Who We're Working With


Marching With Pride

At Cannadish, we believe that everyone, of every identity, deserves equal rights. We are proud to support the LGBTQ+ community, working as an ally to ensure safe and inclusive communities for everybody. The LGBTQ+ community can count on Cannadish’s support now and forever.