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A great cannabis infused dip. Cannabis Salsa is an easy and quick to make weed snack. Great for a weed party food!
Weed Chicken Wings are delicious. These THC wings might just be your next Superbowl weed party food. Create this delicious weed edible in no time.
Cannabis Infused Churros are the perfect weed dessert. Enjoy this tasty weed treat in no time. Perfect for a cannabis party or everyday weed treat. 
Learn how to make a cannabis hazelnut spread with chocolate and weed oil. Cannabis Infused Nutella is a great weed snack that is easy to make. Enjoy on toast or as part of a weed dessert. 
Weed Infused Honey with sweet Vanilla is amazing. Add this weed honey to tea. Great in weed baking recipes. Cannabis Vanilla Honey is a delicious and easy to make weed infusion.
Learn to make Weed Popcorn for movie night! This THC infused popcorn is super tasty and easy to make. Enjoy a salty weed snack while you watch your favorite film. Check out this easy to follow video for delicious Cannabis Popcorn! 
Homemade cannabis peanut butter from scratch. Made from fresh peanuts and cannabis oil. Create the perfect weed spread for cannabis snacks or weed baking ideas.
THC Infused Cheetos are for our advanced cannabis cooks. It takes time and patience, but the end result will not disappoint! This weed snack is crunchy and delicious! Serve at a weed party or for movie night.