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A short video to introduce you to to the many cannabis infusions you can make at home. Create delicious weed edibles, cannabis topicals, and more! 
A cannabis recipe if you want to remove some of the smell and taste of your cannabis oil. The process is a little longer, but the end results are worth it! Follow this DIY weed oil recipe for high quality cannabis oil! 
Cannabis Sugar is the perfect weed infusion. Use your cannasugar for weed gummies, cannabis beverages, weed candies, and more! It can also be used to make cannabis topicals such as sugar scrubs. Infuse your sugar with THC, CBD, or both! Check out the DIY Video!
Cannabis Olive Oil is great to use for weed salads, dressing, and other cannabis edibles. Use your weed oil  to make beauty and wellness products and cannabis topicals!
Decorboxylation is a simple process that you must follow before you create a cannabis cooking oil. In this video we will show you how to decarb cannabis simply at home. Follow this DIY Video to decarb both THC and CBD flower.
A simple to follow recipe to make cannabis butter at home from scratch. This cannabutter recipe will infuse all important compounds of your cannabis strain into your weed base. You can use THC and CBD bud for this weed edible. Check out the DIY video!