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Top 5 Cannabis Recipes For Celebrating the Holidays

Cannabis is starting to legalize everywhere and its amazing to see how it becomes an important ingredient in our dietary. If you are looking to change things up these holidays with some delicious cannabis infused recipes. You are at the right place.

We selected our top 5 cannabis recipes for this holiday. Check it out.

5. Cannabis Gingerbread

Cannabis infused ginger bread recipe

Each year when the holidays roll around, it is time to satisfy those gingerbread cravings. The amazing smell when you bake this Gingerbread recipe is amazing. With not too much THC in it. A small loaf will keep you nice and medicated for the holidays.

4. Chewy Chocolate Chip Weed Cookies

Eating weed edible cookies for first time

They’re soft, doughy, chewy and really just cookie perfection with some Chocolate chips in them. If there was ever a cookie to bake this holiday season, it should probably be These! The cannabis chocolate chip weed cookies are not hard to prepare and full of THC.

3. Christmas Chocolate Milk

cannabis chocolate milk

Cannabis chocolate milk for christmas??
Check out the recipe here:

Geplaatst door Cannadish op Woensdag 13 december 2017

Stay nice and warm inside with a hot cup of cannabis Choco milk to make you feel warm and buzzy inside. With a perfect amount of THC you will receive a nice high from it. And it is very easy to prepare. All you need to make, is your Cannabis butter ahead.

2. Cannabis Mimosas for New Year’s Day

Weed Mimosa

Weed mimosa recipe for new years eve!

Geplaatst door Cannadish op Zaterdag 30 december 2017

Celebrate the start of a New Year with Cannabis infused Mimosas. These are also a festive option for Christmas morning brunch as well. The cannabis is infused with Vodka and we advise to infuse it together for at least 36 hour in advance. The Weed Mimosas will give a nice buzz from the alcohol and start giving you a high about an hour later from the marijuana.

1. All Weed Infused Christmas Ginger House

Cannabis Gingerbread House

Cannabis Ginger House.

Geplaatst door Cannadish op Zaterdag 16 december 2017

For the Cannachefs around that want to take this years infusions to the next level. This is for you! Start by making your choice of Extractions in advance. And infuse every piece with the amount you like. And start building! A cannabis infused ginger house will blow your friends and family away.

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