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Seven Benefits Of Using CBD For Hair Care

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It might give you the best head of hair ever

Nowadays, CBD is being used for everything — from calming anxiety and stress to relieving joint and muscle soreness. The healing qualities of CBD are becoming well-known, and not just for the inside of your body. It’s also making the rounds in the beauty industry, as part of skin treatments and makeup, and even used in spa treatments. Because as it turns out, CBD can be good for your outward appearance. And now, you can use CBD for hair care, too.

Girl with long healthy hair. Benefits of Cannabis for Hair. CBD Shampoo and CBD Conditioner for hair growth

But does CBD actually help you grow a healthier head of hair? Researchers are still racing to catch up with the popularity of this hemp-derived cannabinoid. And delving into the topic of CBD and hair care hasn’t been a top priority. So what do we know about CBD and how it can help your scalp?

The Benefits of CBD for Hair Care

Girl with strong hair from cannabis, cannabis hair benefits, CBD Shampoo benefits, CBD Conditioner for hair growth

While the science is still unclear on how whether or not CBD is truly beneficial for your hair, there are a few qualities inherent in this popular cannabinoid that could certainly help. And even though there is still much research to be done on how CBD can help, there have been hundreds of studies analyzing the properties of CBD. 

By using what we know about CBD, and what we know about hair, it’s possible to generate some theories on how it can help. So, next time you’re shopping for CBD shampoo or CBD conditioner, keep these benefits in mind. They may be just what you need to achieve the shining, healthy locks you’ve always dreamed of. 

Here are a few ways CBD can improve the strength and quality of your hair:

CBD Contains Amino Acids

CBD comes from the hemp plant, which contains the entire protein chain of amino acids. What does that mean for your hair? If you suffer from dry or brittle strands of hair, amino acids can strengthen them. This is especially helpful for color or heat treated hair. Amino acids are also essential for hair growth. Basically, they’re important for rebuilding your hair when it’s been damaged.

CBD is an Anti-Inflammatory

If you’ve found yourself wondering if you can use CBD for hair growth, the science has still yet to catch up with research on that subject. But we know that inflammation around the hair follicle can lead to baldness, which is where CBD could help. It reduces inflammation by suppressing inflammatory-inducing cytokines. And when it comes to CBD oil and hair loss, it certainly won’t make the problem worse. Why not give it a try?

CBD Has High Doses of Vitamin E

CBD hair shampoo for strong hair, CBD growth shampoo, CBD Conditioner for hair growth

Looking for a more lustrous head of hair? Start with the scalp, and good strong dose of vitamin E. It’s a natural anti-oxidant that supports hair growth, and it reduces oxidative stress. CBD, or rather the hemp plant, naturally contains this wondrous vitamin. By using a CBD hair mask, you can give your scalp an extra helping of vitamin E and help protect it from the elements.

CBD Contains Essential Fatty Acids

The hemp plant is rich with essential fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6, which as you might guess, are also great for your hair. These fatty acids help keep your hair healthy and nourishes hair follicles. They can also help trigger hair growth, which is just another reason why CBD for hair growth might be the next big thing.

CBD Has Potassium

Did you know that a potassium deficiency can actually make you lose hair? Before you head out to the grocery store for some bananas, give CBD for hair care a try. A good CBD shampoo or CBD conditioner can help infuse your hair with the potassium it needs to stay strong and where it belongs — on your head.

CBD Contains Magnesium

Magnesium not only helps you develop strong muscles and bones, but it can also strengthen your hair. And CBD has a high dose of it. Magnesium is just another way to nourish your scalp, and it can also help unblock hair follicles. And if you suffer from dandruff, a CBD shampoo rich with magnesium could certainly alleviate dry flakiness.

CBD is Rich With Calcium

Want a thicker, fuller head of hair? Then you need calcium. Just like magnesium, it helps build strong bones. But can also do wonders for your hair. And you guess it, CBD actually contains high levels of calcium. And just like potassium, a deficiency in calcium can also cause a small amount of hair loss. So, you’re doing your hair a favor by giving it an extra dose with a CBD infused hair mask or deep conditioner.

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