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Marijuana Leaf Mold


Looking to make edible-baking easier and effortless?

Cannadish has all of your cannabis solutions, recipes, and products! 100% silicone, non-stick, and safe, our Marijuana Leaf Mold is a must-have for weed edible baking.

You can use it in the freezer, fridge, or oven so it’s a versatile cooking essential for your kitchen.

Create your own weed-leaf chocolates and candies at home! Great for party gifts, events, or stay-at-home-nights.  Silicone is extremely easy to clean.

Why not gift your friends with this practical and fun Marijuana Leaf Mold? The only condition is that they make you a batch to enjoy!

We suggest using The Marijuana Leaf Mold with a batch of our weed-infused caramel chocolates 

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Will my chocolate or candy stick to the Marijuana Leaf Mold?

Absolutely not! Silicone is a perfect choice for cooking and baking as it is 100% non-stick.

Is my Marijuana Leaf Mold dishwasher safe? 

Yes! Your mold is 100% dishwasher safe.

What other things can I put in my Marijuana Leaf Mold? 

You can enjoy using your mold for gummies, chocolate, candies, JELLO, lollipops/suckers.

Is baking with silicone safe? 

Yes - the FDA has approved silicone as a food-safe product.

How many molds come with 1 order?

1 mold packed in a Cannadish hemp bag.
  • Material: Sillicone
  • Color: 1 Brown
  • Cavities: 8


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