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Cannabis Heart Shaped Gift Box


Order your Cannabis Heart Shaped Gift Box today!

The product is an Empty Box that is meant to be filled and than given as a gift.

This way you can create your own unique custom cannabis themed gift!

Fill the cavities of your cannabis love box with your choice of Cannabis, edibles, weed-treats!(not included)

Surprise your loved one, colleague or best friend!

Once filled, you can gift this cannabis themed heart shaped box during Valentines, Anniversaries, Birtdays and more.


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How Many Cavities Are In The Heart Shaped Box?

There are 7 cavities that your can fill with cannabis strains, edibles, small weed gifts etc.

How does it work?

The Cannabis Heart Shaped box comes empty. You can simply take the drawer out and fill it with your choice of cannabis or weed gifts. Wrap up the calendar and gift it to a friend, loved one, spouse etc. They will now have 7 cannabis themed surprise gifts hidden inside the cavities.

What things Will Fit In The box?

You can put nuggets of weed, (it's food safe) gummies, candies, THC treats, CBD treats, and weed-inspired gifts! The cavities are 2x2x2 inches.

The Heart Shaped box is a unique gift that you can customize yourself.

It is a lightweight box with 7 cavities.

The box has a hidden drawer where you can fill all cavities with. Once filled give it as gift, and the received can open each little cavity to find a new weed themed present.


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