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Cannabis Emoji Pancake Pan

(1 customer review)
(1 customer review)

Cannabis Emoji Pancake Pan

Make delicious pancakes in unique weed shapes with this non-stick pancake pan!

The Cannabis Emoji Pancake Pan features a non-stick surface and 6 individual marijuana-themed shapes like the weed leaf, a bong, and stoned emojis. Use the 4:20 shape to cook bacon, fruits or sauces to go along with your pancakes!

Ideal for making the most perfect pancakes that are fun, and cooked evenly every time due to their heat-reflective exterior. A must have in your cannabis cooking kitchen!

Our pancake pan heats up quickly, is made with cast aluminum, and is ideal for a quick meal or snack.




How do I clean my pancake pan?

Because our Cannabis Emoji Pancake Pan has a non-stick surface, you can use gentle dishwashing soap and a clean cloth or sponge, and in minutes your pancake pan is clean and ready for its next use.

Can I make anything else in this pancake pan?

This pan is ideally for pancakes, but we have had customers create scrambled eggs and cook them with fun emoji shapes too.

Does the Cannabis Emoji Pancake Pan heat up fast?

Yes! It heats up quickly - and will be ready by the time you mix up your pancake batter.

Do I need to use oils or cooking sprays?

No, it's non-stick, so the surface is perfect for pancakes that don't stick. Because of its reflective heating exterior, our pan ensures uniform browning through and through. Of course, if you want a little extra crisp, then a drizzle of oil or Cannabis oil is never a bad idea!

Can I use this with my induction cooktop or stove?

No, cookware made from aluminum such as this cannabis emoji pancake pan will not work with induction.

Easy and convenient, stores easily, non-stick, cast aluminum.

Have fun in the kitchen while you create cannabis emoji-shaped pancakes.

Heats up quickly, and cleans easily too.

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    Love your stuff

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