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Cannabis Engraved Rolling Pin


Up-level your baking, weed cookies, and more with this Cannabis Engraved Rolling Pin!

Designed to display your love of Cannabis on every cookie or treat you make.

Made from strong, durable wood – simply roll this over top of your pastry or dough to enjoy an embossed look and feel to your Cannabis – creations.



Is the Cannabis Engraved Rolling Pin Easy to Use?

Yes! It's very easy to use. When you've rolled out your dough or pastry, be sure not to roll it out too thin so you can push into it slightly to transfer the design. Gently roll the pin overtop and reveal the marijuana-leaf design!

What Else Can I Emboss With This Rolling Pin?

You can use this Cannabis Engraved Rolling Pin on pastries, pies, pasta, shortbread, fondant, and even clay!

Do I Need To Use Flour?

If the recipe calls for flour, then yes! The flour helps the dough to stay put instead of sticking to the rolling pin, so it's never a bad idea.

How Hard Do I Need To Push With This Cannabis Engraved Rolling Pin?

You don't need to push hard at all - just a little bit. Make sure your dough is at a proper thickness so that when you roll the pin overtop, you aren't leaving any holes or spaces in case you push harder than expected.

A creative, fun way to up-level the look and feel of your Cannabis cookies and baking creations! Stamp marijuana leaf designs into your dough. Bake, and enjoy.

14 x 2 inch


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