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Cannabis Christmas Molds


Have a very Merry Cannabis Christmas with these non-stick, silicone Cannabis Christmas molds!

If you dose with CBD infused edibles or THC treats, this mold will make life so much easier in your Cannabis kitchen.

Our non-stick, easy-to-clean Cannabis Christmas Mold will create fun and festive Cannabis treats without the sticky mess.

You’ll receive TWO molds for the price of one, which makes it a great gift for the holiday season!


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How many Cannabis Christmas Molds come in 1 order?

You'll receive TWO Cannabis Christmas Molds for the price of one!

What Can I Make With These Molds?

This is a great, fun, and festive way to enjoy your daily use of THC or CBD and you can place edibles like candies, chocolates, gummies, or even weed-infused ice cubes inside! 

How Many Cavities Come In Each Mold?

15 Christmas-themed cavities per mold, giving you a total of 30! Santa approves!

Can I Clean This In The Dishwasher?

Absolutely! They are a very high-quality silicone mold and they can withstand the power of a dishwasher! A quick wash and wipe down in the sink also works well because they are super easy to clean.  

Perfect as a gift for yourself, or someone else for Christmas. You can use these silicone molds to create the tastiest and most festive edible treats! Goes perfectly with our Cannadish Cookbook.

These quality molds are reusable, non-stick, easy to clean, offers clear lines, flexible, and has a smooth surface.


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