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Cannabis Cookbook by Cannadish

(37 customer reviews)
(37 customer reviews)

The perfect cannabis cookbook for cooks at every skill level.

At Cannadish, we teach our audience to create delicious weed edibles with our weed cookbook. Follow over 50+, easy-to-create cannabis edible recipes and 9 base infusion recipes for patients and cannabis enthusiasts.

Learn to turn your daily weed dose into a tasty weed treat or savory weed meal. Add tons of simple cannabis meals to your repertoire while learning to medicate edibles appropriately with our cannabis cookbook.



I have a medical prescription - does the cookbook offer recipes for both CBD and THC?

Yes, our cannabis recipe book is mainly focussed on THC recipes, but all recipes can also be for CBD recipes.

How many recipes are in the Cannadish cookbook?

There are over 50 cannabis recipes in the cookbook and 9 cannabis base extractions and infusions.

Which base weed infusions does the cannabis cookbook have?

Cannabis oil, Cannabis Butter, Cannabis Coconut Oil, Tincture, Mild-tasting Cannabis Oil, Rosin, Cannabis Sugar, Cannabis Powder, FECO

What measurements does the Canna Cookbook use?

It is mainly focussed on Imperial measurements. However, the cookbook uses both the Imperial and metric system in the food recipes.

Does the Cannadish Cookbook make a great gift?

This cannabis cookbook is excellent to give as a gift. Not only is the book full of colorful images, every book also comes in a Cannadish hemp bag.
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Language: English
  • Age: 18 - 70
  • Pages: 140
  • Base Infusions: 9
  • Food Recipes: 50+

37 reviews for Cannabis Cookbook by Cannadish

  1. Kimberly Tagett

    Heard excellent things about the cookbook

  2. Robert Robbins

    Robert Robbins (verified owner)

    I give this book as gifts so they stop begging me to make stuff for them . I love the book myself

  3. Tank

    I love it there not more to say

  4. ReetaVeeda

    Wish you could deliver the Cannadish Cookbook to Cannaddaa 🙁

  5. Annette Pedersen

    Would love this book how do l order

  6. Kasandra Roller

    Loyalty15 would love 2 have this book also

  7. Pedro (verified owner)

    Just ordered my book and all ive heard was great things cant wait to get it

  8. Douglas L Booth

    I am in Spain right now and I can not wait to try the recipes I am trying to quit smoking cigarets and is harder to do when you smoke marijuana and I’m not giving up on that looking forward to it thank you

  9. Chelsea tenbusch

    Do you guys have anymore amazing sales or bundles? We are wanting to start making our own food and edibles. Would love to save and buy a few things. We have not yet tried your products.

  10. Corey Jones (verified owner)

    This book will be your best friend and teacher for cooking with cannabis. I’ve been cooking w/weed for 3 years now and I just discovered this book(“What a coincidence :0”) After making gummies for the first time today (by using the book) I manage to have alot of positive feedback from myself and others, just by following the book. I’m becoming much universe on my cooking methods whether if its; Oil, Flour, Honey, Sugar, and etc! This book will help you get the job done!

  11. Iris Jeunet (verified owner)

    I am quite thrilled with my purchase. Fast shipping and the cute little cannadish bags gave it an extra touch that made it so adorable. Absolutely excited to try these recipes!!

  12. Chris (verified owner)

    Great book. Straight to the point. Good recipes

  13. Chasity (verified owner)

    Great book with lots of tasty recipes, my husband loved it.

  14. Jared Snoyman (verified owner)

    THANK YOU 🙂 for all the time and effort that you put into this outstanding cookbook.
    Trying something new every other day.

  15. Dean (verified owner)

    Great recipes
    I bloody love this book!!!

  16. Roxanne Prokipchuk

    Hi y’all, I haven’t ordered yet but wondering if the 15% discount is already applied on the page?? Like the 2nd one is $255.99 and discounted to $204.99 is that with the discount or that is the final price!!

    • Jacob cilda

      Jacob Cildavul

      Hi Roxanne,

      No the 15% is not applied yet. Some of our products are on sale this weekend. But if it is your first time ordering, there will be an additional 15% discount at checkout. If you use coupon code: Loyalty15

  17. Jared Snoyman (verified owner)

    Just placed my order for the book and mats, can’t wait to starting playing around

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