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The Art Of Cannabis Sex is Something Every Weed Enthusiast Should Master

gender symbols to represent cannabis gender

Oh, did you think we meant something else? Get your mind out of the gutter, pot lovers, we’re talking about identifying the gender of cannabis flowers.

Before you pre-flower, stop right there. There is so much that you need to know about cannabis gender. That being said, let’s slow this down and enjoy ourselves. We want this knowledge to last a lifetime and there are a few things we need to tell you before you dive in. We’re going to take a minute to examine what’s between cannabis nodes, learn about pollen sacs, and fully understand weed stigma.

First things first, are you ISO a female cannabis, male strain, or hermaphrodite weed plant?

Female Cannabis

  • Display open flowers
  • Grow pistils
  • Contain a ton of THC
  • Elicit psychoactive effects


  • Grow weed “balls” (closed flower buds)
  • Produce pollen
  • Do not sprout pistils

Hermaphrodite Bud

  • Produce pollen
  • Partially male/female
  • Are stressed out
  • Basically the worst


Let’s explore a little deeper into the amazing attributes of the female cannabis plant.

Female weed plants are the most sought after gender in the cannabis community. Essentially, these intoxicating vixens contain the highest amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This chemical compound is responsible for the elevating feeling that cannabis elicits.

In addition, female cannabis plants must grow in the company of other females only. In fact, the infiltration of male weed plants in female cannabis crops can be very damaging. If a male weed plant makes its way into a female cannabis growing space, these plants will only produce seeds. Unfortunately, in the end, you will be unable to smoke the cannabis buds that this plant yields.

So, how can you tell if your marijuana plant is female?

It is very important to learn to identify the sex of your cannabis crops. This way you can ensure that you’re yielding the correct weed flowers, for the correct purpose. Female cannabis plants are pretty easy to identify. You just need to get up close and personal.

To determine that your weed crops are female, you will need to look between the cannabis nodes. What you find in this space will be very telling of your relationship with this pot plant. This can be done by using a cellphone camera or a magnifying glass.

Closeup of Female Cannabis Plant
Female Cannabis Plant with Pistils

Female plants will display two bracts. Eventually, these bracts will boast stigma that provide a similar appearance to hair. Furthermore, the element of the plant that you’re getting well acquainted with is called “pre-flowers.” These unique attributes will begin to appear about four weeks into the cannabis growth cycle and be well pronounced around week six.

Well, how does this compare to male weed plants?

Male cannabis plants appear a little bit differently. It is not so surprising that when you examine the cannabis nodes of a male pot plant, you’re going to find very different equipment down there.

Closeup of Male Cannabis Plant
Male Cannabis Plant with Pollen Sacs

In fact, between these stalks you will find pollen sacs. What do we call them? Cannabis balls. The purpose of these sacs is to spread pollen when the time comes. It’s all sounding a little too familiar, isn’t it?

Wait, how can I be sure that my pot plants are not hermaphrodite weed?

Well, hermaphrodite weed appears when your cannabis plants are super stressed out. If you’re going through a tough season and your plants are experiencing harsh environments, you do need to watch the anatomy of your plant.

For example, weed plants that are suffering through inclement weather are susceptible to developing additional sex features. If your plant contracts a disease or is exposed to harsh chemicals they, too, may develop hermaphroditism.

Closeup of Hermaphrodite Cannabis Plant
Hermaphroditic Cannabis Plant with Male/Female Cannabis Nodes

If you are concerned that your weed plants may be hermaphroditic, it is important to separate them from your crops. This is because these plants are capable of pollenating your entire weed garden. This process is called “Herming Out.” You need to assess your cannabis crops as normal. If you find that your weed plants contain both female and male reproductive parts, then you will need to get rid of these plants.

A hermaphrodite cannabis plant will contain the anatomy of the female and male cannabis plants. As a reminder, you must look closely at the cannabis nodes. Between these nodes you will find bracts, stigma, and pollen sacs.

How can I ensure that I will yield a female cannabis crop?

If this article is making you nervous, it’s perfectly normal. If it is your first time, it is fair to be a little apprehensive. Rest assured you are doing the right thing by doing some research before performing the act of growing.

Of course, you can purchase feminized seeds to help better your chances of creating a female cannabis crop. Just be sure to keep your male cannabis plants far away so that they don’t mess things up. Fostering a healthy environment for your weed plants will help these ladies grow and yield the best possible cannabis flowers.

Now that you are able to identify the gender of your cannabis crops, we wish you the best in sexing your weed plants.

Wow, get your mind out of the gutter again! We mean reproducing cannabis crops to multiply your plants.

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    Is there any side effects between male and female plants ????

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