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How to get Invited to Underground Cannabis Fine Dining Dinner Events.

Cannabis dinner parties and fine dining aren’t new. For years, highly-trained chefs have been holding invitation-only weed dinner parties and fine dining experiences in secretive locations. And Weed Edibles are more popular than ever.

The chefs that create your dining experience at these events are usually well-educated and/or well-trained.

Is it legal?

Currently, there are no provisions in most of these state regulations that permit dinners that serve cannabis-infused foods, so supper clubs have remained in a grey area. Adults can share cannabis products amongst themselves, and chefs can charge for the food and service they provide. But, no one is technically allowed to sell weed-infused food that hasn’t been produced in a licensed manufacturing facility and passed rigorous lab tests for THC dosage.

Because of that, all of the cannabis dining events in this article has considered to be within the bounds of private events. Chefs who infuse foods tend to go light on the THC dosage. However, in most of these events, you are allowed to smoke weed. You can also expect to sign a waiver protecting the hosts from lawsuits just in case you get too high from the infused dishes.

These events are usually not advertised, people that join the events are usually referred by a friend who’s already a member of the supper club. So, if you just pick up the phone to try to make a reservation for tonight, you can expect a reaction like Patrick Bateman trying to make a dinner reservation at Dorsia’s.

See below, a list of some cannabis dinner events, and how to attend them.

The Opulent Chef [ San Francisco ]

Opulent Chef typically feature dinners from eight to ten courses that are infused with hash or paired with concentrates. The dinner usually contains around 10mg THC but higher doses are available upon request. Michael Magallanea, the founder of Opulent Chef also offers private dining services. The Opulent Chef cannabis events pop up in different venues across San Fransisco. You can book a seat at Opulent Chef on their website, and after some info you can get a invite.

99th Floor [ New York ]

New Yorkers know Miguel Trinidad as the Dominican chef who revolutionized Filipino cuisine. The executive chef’s latest focus: Michelin-level gastronomy to cannabis-infused food with the 99th Floor. The dining experience, that usually contains around 20MG THC divided into a 5-course meals like wild mushroom ravioli to a weed-infused chocolate mousse, pop up in New York. However, these events pop up all over the US. Follow their Instagram account to be updated. 

To get invited, you need to give them a referral of who has already been to a 99th-floor dinner. Another option is, sending them an email to mentioning why you want to attend their dinner and provide social media credentials so they can check you out first. 

Pop Cultivate [ Los Angeles ]

Spending the evening at Chris Yang’s chef’s table is a unique experience. He started as a former organic chemist from USC, and has now become an established and well-known chef in the Los Angeles culinary scene with features on Food Network, Tastemade, and Go90.

You can expect seven to ten courses of innovative, flavorful, internationally-inspired dishes packed with THC and CBD. A full dinner usually contains 35-50 MG THC spread out through the evening.

You can sign up through the mailing list on the Pop Cultivate website to be invited to monthly events in the LA area. Chef Yang always appreciates hearing a bit about his potential guests, so feel free to introduce yourself via email.

Thursday infused [ San Francisco ]

Step into a lovely Victorian home in San Francisco’s Mission District. Wine expert Jamie Evan will welcome you, a hostess dedicated to creating elegant experiences that blend cannabis, fine food, and perfect wine pairings. 

It’s the pairing of weed and wine that makes this event so special. When served in moderation, Evans believes this “allows for a unique sensory experience by pairing aromas and flavors between wine, cannabis, and food.

The dosages are low around 5MG, but you are allowed to smoke on sight. These events are perfect for those looking for the social aspect of connecting with fellow connoisseurs. Sign up to their mailing list for a personal invite.

Arcane Revelry [ Los Angeles ]

Arcane Revelry has made its debut in Portland, OR by launching an exclusive cannabis pop-up dinner series. They recently moved to LA where they host exciting events and bring together community members, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, innovators, and forward thinkers that all share a love of cannabis culture and high-spirited social engagement. 

They are fun events to attend with the combination of unique private venues and delicious meals crafted by gourmet chefs.

Each event features a curation of many great products for guests to enjoy and sample. Sign up for the mailing list to get a invitation.

The Herbal Chef [ Los Angeles & Vancouver ]

Christopher Sayegh holds private cannabis dinners through his company, Herbal Chef. His marijuana dinner parties are usually 10 courses but could go as high as 25 courses. The Herbal Chef services high-profile investment dinners, business catering, large-scale catering, festivals etc.

These events pop up in Los Angeles and large cities in Canada. Sign up with their mailing list, or check out their events on their website.

The Nomad Cook [ Canada ]

Chef Travis Petersen, also known as the Nomad Cook, is one of Canada’s up-and-coming chefs. He made the top 20 in season 3 of Masterchef Canada. Next to private dinner parties and cooking classes. They also organize cannabis pop-up events in Canadian cities like Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton, with 6-course fine dining THC-infused dinners.

Sign up their mailing list for an invitation of upcoming weed-infused pop-up events.

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  1. I would love to experience weed in this way will be on the west code next month

  2. Phyllis Sitton says:

    Since being told I now have copd smoking weed has been cut off . But I still like the feeling and would love to have a infused dinner. I live in SC but am willing to travel

  3. Kimberly Crawford says:

    I love watching Cooking with Cannabis and to eat at a restaurant that creates food like this will be a dream come true. I would love to attend and receive more information on how to get a invite for next year since this virus is taking over.

  4. Shawntay Moon says:

    I would love to experience a different way to use cannabis what other way then one of the greatest loves in the world food .

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