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How CBD May Treat Joint Pain In Equestrian Riders

Horse Jumping CBD Oil

How CBD May Treat Joint Pain In Equestrian Riders

Equestrians are passionate about their sport, and CBD may treat joint pain in Equestrian riders.

Horse riders experience joint pain that is usually felt in the knees, hip area, and the lower back.

Joints are like shock absorbers from the horse’s movement.

This is why rider tension is considered the main reason why the joints get sore, and it doesn’t feel good!

CBD may help treat joint pain without the psychoactive or “high” effect that comes with THC.

In this post, you’ll learn how CBD can help to treat your body pains, specifically joint pain in equestrian riders. At last!

CBD Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties to Help Relieve Joint Soreness

Many wouldn’t call horseback riding a sport until they’ve hopped into the saddle themselves to discover that it truly is.

You need a ton of agility, focus and strength.

horses and cbd oil

When you’re horse riding, you not only have to worry about your movements but the movements of an actual 1000 + lb animal beneath you- and that can feel overwhelming and scary!

Riders need good balance and a strong core.

Instructors and coaches are constantly guiding their students to put their heels down, squeeze their knees into the saddle and sit up tall.

Horse Riding Pains And Relief

The greatest impact for Equestrians is on the lower back and the knees- ouch!

Sprains or strains result in joint pain, and not only do riders have to focus on their posture, legs, heels and knees – they have to concentrate on shoulders, arms wrists and even thumbs!

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when riding – and this could start as soon as throwing the saddle on top of the horse.

Western saddle sin particular are no easy feat and can weigh so much that you need two sets of hands instead of one to load it ontop of your horse.

CBD can help reduce joint soreness caused by the movements and disciplines that equestrian riders encounter every single ride.

Thank goodness for that!

Here are some ways how CBD may treat joint pain in Equestrian riders:

  • CBD attaches to the body’s natural and already there CB2 receptor, which plays a vital role in managing immune function, pain, and inflammation.
  • It affects how body receptors respond to various signals to help reduce pain and inflammation.
  • CBD can be helpful in relieving tension, headaches, and even skin irritations from all of the free radicals circulating in the barn.

CBD May Have Analgesic Effects That Could Help Equestrian Riders 

Equestrian riders need strong muscles to make joints more stable.

horse cbd oil uses

Back muscles, core, shoulder muscles, ham’s, calves, quads, and especially glutes are all the muscle groups equestrian riders use in riding.

But if you’re not flexible or have weakness in any of these muscle groups, it could lead to balancing issues on the saddle. 

Falling off a horse due to imbalance is not only dangerous but could have severe results.

Without strong muscles and flexibility, the rider tends to have tensed muscles and poor balance, which can impact riding in a bad way.

Bad balance can impact the cadence and rhythm of the horse, which means you’re in for a bumpy ride.

CBD can help reduce joint pain because it has been known to have analgesic or anti-pain properties.

Here’s how CBD Works To Help Relieve Joint Pain:

  • Experts believe that CBD can help relieve pain by interacting with serotonin receptors, responsible for detecting and managing pain in the body.
  • CBD is said to help reduce inflammation by interacting with immune and brain receptors. 
Horse Jumping CBD Oil

CBD May Help Mood And Better Sleep 

The mental attitude and wellbeing of equestrian riders is important for their overall wellness as well as their horse.

Negative emotional or mental responses create a lack of trust and a sense of doubt.

Horses are extremely intuitive, feeling animals and can detect even the smallest dose of fear, anxiety or anger.

If you don’t receive enough sleep, joint pain and stiffness will affect your performance.

CBD may be able to help equestrian riders by boosting their mood and supporting better sleep. 

Research shows that CBD may increase the overall amounts of sleep and helps reduce insomnia.

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