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Hemp For Horses And How CBD May Help!


Hemp For Horses And How CBD May Help!

Have you ever been to the races or seen horse races on TV? The anticipation of waiting for that bell to ring can cause anxiety for horses.

Here we’ll explore Hemp For Horses and How CBD may help!

The hype around CBD has hit the equestrian world hard since the 2018 Farm Bill federally legalized industrial hemp and its derivatives, including CBD.

While the market has yet to finalize allowing CBD in animal feed, CBD supplements have become hot products among horse owners looking to reduce pain in muscles and joints and calm signs of stress in their animals.

A Texas-based team is currently collecting data on how CBD affects equine physiology.

In the research, they are looking to see if CBD can reduce stress, inflammation, and obsessive-compulsive behaviors in horses.

Has Your Horse Been Cribbing?


Cribbing is an Equine term that basically means: nibbling or gnawing on stalls, wood, etc. It’s a nervous habit that a lot of horses have. It could have resulted during previous ownership, hardships, stress or nervousness.

Cribbing in a horse can also suggest boredom or digestive upset too.

CBD may be the answer here – as more and more research starts to surface about how hemp may help horses!

Common Horse Ailments – Can CBD Help?

Some of the common ailments in horses range from Arthritis, Gastric Ulcers to even Colic.

In fact, many many years ago, Cannabis was said to be used for Colic systems in horses with apparent positive results!

Much like us, they have intricate nervous systems, and can get depression and anxiety among many other medical issues.

CBD is known to calm, help heal chronic pain, reduce inflammation, and support a healthy digestive system within humans – so can it help for horses?

History of Horses and Cannabis


Cannabis also has the backing of General William Giles Harding Carter, a US Cavalry officer who served in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

In his book, Horses, Saddles, and Bridles, General Carter describes Cannabis indica as an antispasmodic and anodyne.

“It is recommended in colic, acute indigestion, impaction and constipation. It relieves pain and irritability without interfering with the secretions of the stomach and intestines; dose, one half to one dram.”

Cannabis was being recommended for the treatment of colic in US cavalry horses from as early as 1895 so maybe, just maybe we’re on to something here horse-lovers!

Can I Use Cannabis On My Horse?


Equine enthusiasts everywhere are still waiting on the official answer to this one, and we suggest that if you do feel it’s the right choice for you, be extremely cautious and speak with your Veterinarian.

We’ve heard through the grapevine that many horse owners and trainers are, in fact, using Cannabis in salves to treat inflammation, for horse-dental care/health and hygiene, and for anxiety and nervousness.

It is buyer-beware until we have the conclusive medical A-OKAY!

Share your comments below – have you used CBD with your Horse? What has your experience been with it?

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