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Everything You Need To Know To Plan A Weed Wedding

bridal party for a weed wedding

Go ahead. Have yourself a weed-themed wedding with an open cannabis bar

Gone are the days of sneaking to the outskirts of a wedding venue to have a toke with your friends. Now, in cannabis-legal states, the “weed wedding” is becoming the newest sensation. So, if you’re newly engaged and planning a marijuana wedding of your very own, there are a few ways to make your special day even more unique. 

And needless to say, what guest wouldn’t want to RSVP to a ganja-filled shindig? Serving marijuana at your wedding can add a unique flavor of fun to your event that your guests will be sure to enjoy. Weed can also make everything else at your wedding even better — the food, the music, guest interactions — it just makes the party that much more fun. 

From joints to vapes to canna cocktails and weed decor, here’s everything you need to know to plan your 420 wedding nuptials.

Do Yourself a Favor — Hire a Budtender

budtender for weed wedding, cannabis representative, weed expert

Along with obvious bartender, it’s worth going the extra mile to hire a budtender for your weed wedding. And a good budtender can do more than just dole out joints or cannabis flower to your weed-loving guests.

Having a budtender who is knowledgable about the strains on-hand can make or break your 420 wedding. In this day and age, where strain information is not only available but very detailed, there is no excuse for your guests to not know what they’re smoking. Your budtender can help them choose a strain that’s suits each of their individual tastes. Some guests might prefer a hybrid over a pure sativa, or a little CBD along with their THC.

It’s also helpful to have a budtender who can make sure everyone partaking of the open cannabis bar are of legal age. If there will be children and underage adults at your wedding, you’ll want to keep them out of the weed bar and away from any edibles.

Speaking of Edibles

You can also amp up the cannabis-fueled fun by offering edibles to your guests. But there is a certain amount of responsibility inherent in adding edibles to your party. Just make sure your treats are clearly labeled with the percentage of THC they contain, and be sure to make it clear what kind of strain. You might find that a sativa or hybrid is a better choice for your guests earlier in the evening. Edibles can be a great parting gift to be enjoyed later on.

Edibles also present a unique opportunity to have something specially made. Cannabis chefs can concoct gourmet edibles specifically themed for marijuana couples as a way of commemorating the event. Again, just be sure to keep them away from children and animals.

And who wouldn’t want to sip on a delicious canna cocktail? Enlist the collaboration of your budtender and bartender to create a special marijuana-infused cocktail for the party. You can also offer your guests a CBD cocktail if they’re looker for subtler, more mellow vibes.

Go All-in With Weed Decor

weed decor for cannabis wedding

Of course, a marijuana wedding isn’t complete without the proper cannabis decor. You can choose how much or how little to make the cannabis plant a part of your wedding decoration. But this is an opportunity to make your weed wedding both classy and fun.

There isn’t a limit here as to how creative you can get. Find clever containers with which to display or gift cannabis flower to your guests. Incorporate cannabis leaves into the bride’s bouquet, boutonnieres and table arrangements. It needn’t all be obvious — even a few leaves added as greenery to a floral display can help tie your marijuana theme together.

Weed Wedding Favors

Gifting your guests a proper cannabis wedding favor is an absolute must. And there are many ways in which you can send them home with a little special something. Themed edibles are one idea, but how about commemorative joints? You can also pre-package cannabis flower for taking home.

If you really want to give your guests something to remember you by, think about giving them a gift that lasts. Cannabis gear can make wonderful parting gifts, for either your guests or members of your wedding party. Like monogrammed grinders for the groomsmen, or cannabis beauty products for your bridesmaids — the sky is the limit here, or maybe your budget.

Either way, giving your guests something to get high with later on is never a bad idea. Neither is structuring your entire wedding around marijuana. Just be sure to let your guests know what you’re planning ahead of time, so they can make their own arrangements accordingly. That way, everyone can enjoy your 420 nuptials safely and responsibly, and have the most fun possible.

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