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Culinary cannabis certification is a weed chef’s dream come true.

It’s likely that you’ve seen cannabis cooking TV shows, or caught wind of a cannabis dinner party. Finally, this practice is being formally recognized. You can earn a culinary cannabis certification that validates your knowledge of cooking weed edibles. The American Culinary Federation (ACF) is launching a certification in cooking with cannabis so that chefs can get the recognition they deserve.

The accreditation is being lead by a distinguished panel of chefs that are shaping the cannabis community. Through their collective expertise, these moguls are building an outstanding curriculum. Students must study course materials and complete a 100 question online exam. So, what’s the pay off? Successful students will get to show off a Specialized Certificate in Culinary Cannabis and Edibles. Ideally, this certification will catapult their contemporary careers and prepare them to work in the cannabis space.

cannabis culinary certification

What does the weed culinary curriculum cover?

Some may believe that a program like this would cover how to make weed edibles. On the contrary, this program will inform students how to correctly dose cannabis edibles. When questioned on the course contents, ACF director of strategic partnerships, Jacqui Pressinger, said, “We understand that this is a controversial topic and there are stigmas, but we are approaching this from an educational perspective with a focus on safety as more chefs and culinarians enter this growing space.”

This weed culinary program does not only focus on THC in edibles. Rather, students will learn about the proper handling and administration of CBD and hemp. How do they learn this important aspect? Commence the flashback here. Students will be heavily focusing on the mathematic skills that dosing cannabis edibles employs.

how to dose cannabis edibles with cannabis culinary certificate

Don’t let the math component turn you off! There’s more to cannabis culinary certification. In addition to the necessary math component of cannabis edibles dosing, this program will inform its’ students of cannabis terpenes. This exciting learning feat explores the flavor profiles of weed terpenes and how they enhance cannabis cooking. If that’s not enough, this program also covers weed extraction processes and additional in depth formulations.

Want to learn more about ACF’s culinary cannabis certification?

Sorry, but you may just have to sign up! This unique certification program is open to ACF members and the public. This high-level cannabis culinary program can be found online with a simple google. The good news is, the cannabis revolution has clearly begun. From formal recognition, to a fully developed program, the change is tangible. If you’re looking to bolster your knowledge of cannabis, this program is a worthy consideration.

cannabis culinary certification will teach you to dose weed edibles

Furthermore, as legalization spreads, opportunity in cannabis cooking may skyrocket. We see it on television, and it doesn’t seem long before restaurants will be offering cannabis edibles. Fortunately, ACF’s program may ready you for this transition. Of course, you can always follow Cannadish’s articles to keep up with what’s going on in cannabis cooking. From your favorite weed edibles recipes, to cooking tips and tricks, you can learn a lot from Cannadish.

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