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CBD Makeup Blends: Join The Revolution

How to make Cbd make up

CBD makeup is what to reach for in 2020. Here’s why:  

You may have felt a palpable shift in social consciousness for a healthier planet and you. It is seen in advertising campaigns, climate change initiatives and diet culture. Wellness is at the forefront of society. Therefore, it is unsurprising that next in makeup is skin-nurturing CBD makeup blends. The healing potential of cannabidiol (CBD) is trending in the makeup scene. Thusly, the CBD beauty revolution is emerging. Let’s explore why CBD makeup hybrids are a bandwagon that you may want to jump on. In addition, we’ll connect your to their many potential healing properties. 


Firstly, if you’re wondering why you should choose CBD makeup palettes, there is a ton of enticing information. According to this scientific article (2019), CBD demonstrates anti-inflammatory capabilities. If you’re a typical representation of the homo- sapien species, it is likely that there will be a day that you wake up with a large lump of a pimple. Unfortunately, inflammation is a hallmark of these not-so-friendly face invaders. Not to worry, CBD makeup may act as a front- line defence to rid yourself of these pesky protuberances by calming inflammation. 

Hey, pain sufferers, you may want to check this out!

Interestingly, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD may also relieve pain. Pain is caused by inflammation through pressure on surrounding nerves.  The impingement of these nerves sends pain signals to the brain. Subsequently, a pain sensation is created rendering a natural speech reaction sounding something like, “Son of b****!” Remember, it’s not your fault that this type of reaction occurs. However, CBDs anti-inflammatory properties may help prevent this from happening again. As a result, if you swap to a CBD makeup lineup, these healing potentials will be fused with your daily regimen.


Does CBD fight the dreaded inflammaging?

Notably, there is a buzz word circulating anti-aging communities. So, what is this word, and what is it all about?  “Inflammaging,” is the precipice of illness and conditions that occur as a result of chronic inflammation. Unfortunately, evidence suggests that skin is not immune to this process. Characteristics of this include discolouration, wrinkles, dryness, and breakage. To summarize, inflammaging causes premature aging. Consequently, this degradation does not help maintain your smooth, sexy skin. Again, we remind you that CBD is known for its potential anti-inflammatory capabilities. Swapping your old lineup with CBD make up infusions may aid in combating the pestilent process, inflammaging. 


Are you wondering if CBD is capable of more than its anti-inflammatory possibilities?


The short answer is that CBD oil is rich in potential. CBD oil is believed to be a humectant. This means that CBD may assist in skin moisturizing. This may assist in the alleviation of dryness and subsequent itching. Uniquely, humectants attract and lock in moisture. This quality suggests that CBD based makeup may help skin to achieve a dewy, youthful glow.

Consider also its potentiation in winter months when dryness peaks. According to this article (2019) CBD may also “act as an antioxidant.”  This is an exciting attribute as antioxidants target free radicals that cause skin damage. Skin damage looks like fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and moisture loss. Consider switching to CBD based makeup to access these exciting youth protecting potentials.


One more time for the health of it.


Finally, CBD makeup blends give new purpose to your daily makeup routine. The anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, and anti-aging potentials armour your beauty lineup. What’s even more is CBD makeup may ward off the havoc wreaking process that is inflammaging. Ideally, your new CBD lineup will give you confidence from healthier skin and you. 

Do you know what’s current in CBD makeup products?


Seems like while the cannabis market continues to grow, the wealth of CBD makeup blends continues to rise. For example, eyeshadows, powders, concealers and CBD makeup palettes are in stores now. Hence, your makeup arsenal can be entirely replaced by CBD infused makeup.

So, where can you source CBD makeup products?


Excitingly, we create easy-to-follow recipes that enable you to create your own CBD makeup infusions. Rest assured, these recipes are carefully dosed. We create infusions that maintain the quality of makeup while offering healing potentials. If your schedule does not allow you to D.I.Y, browse our meticulously vetted list of CBD makeup products. These best in class lines are accompanied by real customer reviews. Need inspiration for looks? Check out our user-based makeup tutorials.  




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