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Cannabis High Fashion Is Trending And You Might Be The Reason

model for cannabis high fashion

Give yourself some some love, and your favorite plant, too. Cannabis beauty is hitting the runway, and YOU could be to blame. From cannabis clothing, to weed leaf motif jewellery, and canna clutches, weed is reaching high fashion because of its vast popularity amongst the masses.

There are about 420 reasons that weed high fashion is happening, but we won’t put you through that. We’re going to explore the top trends in cannabis fashion, and why they’re happening.

The number one reason for the cannabis evolution in high fashion is you.

Don’t believe us? Consider this. You smoke cannabis. Then, you join instagram. You search cannabis beauties, weed clothing, or hot 420 (girls) or frocks. That does not go unnoticed. The popularity of cannabis on social media is expanding the market and acceptance for this beautiful flower.

Suddenly, a person with influence sports these clothes, and then it happens. Cannabis high fashion trends across the twitter-scape, Facebook realm, and dominates the gram. That’s all it takes for designers, fashion moguls, and big beauty brands to pay attention.

So, what’s trending in cannabis high fashion?

social media and weed

Cannabis fashion is noticing the trend, and weed beauty is the new norm Check CBD cosmetics and you’ll see what we’re on about. Have you seen the MUA’s (makeup artists) that are repping CBD oil? From CBD palettes to THC lip balms, try and find us a millennial who doesn’t love ’em.

We get that smoking isn’t for everyone, but the game is changing. You can enjoy cannabis beauty without the trippy high feeling. Its quality and composition will surely elevate your mood. Not only are these blends high quality cannabis makeup, they are stunning. Supposedly, this CBD oil infusion may even do great things for your skin.

We see you Miley, weed jewellery is on fire.

weed leaf with bracelet

Have you seen the sparkling drip that Ms. Cyrus is wearing? It is chock full of marijuana leaves. If she’s not smoking, she is definitely seen wearing cannabis jewellery. It seems that Miley fans are borrowing this weed fashion trend. Cannabis jewellery is flying off the shelves or off of the net, and it is pretty friggen’ beautiful.

From jaw dropping weed jewellery to necklaces with pot leaves, there is so much ice to choose from. If you’re hoping to show your weed pride, you can even commit to your love of cannabis with a weed ring.

It doesn’t end there, check out the obscene amounts of cannabis clothing.

model of cannabis high fashion

Are you noticing how many clothing brands are putting out cannabis clothes? Whether it’s jackets with pot leaves, or legging covered in cannabis, from the head to the toe, weed clothes are taking over.

The best part? Cannabis fashion shows no discrimination. There are size inclusive weed clothes, weed frocks for females, marijuana loving males, androgenous pot enthusiasts, drag dank dabblers, cannabis couturiers, and even pet pot clothes. Weed clothing is for everyone, and we’re here for it!

That about sums it up. Cannabis high fashion is trending, and we can’t wait to watch the evolution.

Pot prohibition is ending, and so begins the cannabis fashion evolution. From weed jewellery, to cannabis makeup, and so many cannabis clothing options, this is a trend that is sticky-icky for a long time.

If you want to give cannabis beauty a shot, head on over to our DIY weed beauty section and browse the many ways that you can keep this trend alive with daily cannabis beauty routines. If that’s not your thing, hit us up in your comments below, or on social media to show us your weed fashion and keep the trend going!

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