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Bees Love Cannabis And It May Mean Big Things For The Species

bee on cannabis plant

Cannabis is attracting bees, and this may help save the species.

Are you paying attention to what’s going on in the world? If so, you may know that the endangerment of bees is happening rapidly. As if the planet needed more reason to worship the cannabis plant. It turns out that bees share a likeness for weed with humans. The coolest part is that this may help this threatened specie.

A recent study published by Cornell University is demonstrating that bees are absolutely loving the delectable pollen that cannabis plants produce. This study (2020) found in the journal of Environmental Entomology imparts that cannabis is even attractive to a range of bee species. So, how might the cannabis plant help the engagement of bees? The study says, “hemp has the potential to provide a critical nutritional resource to a diverse community of bees during a period of floral scarcity” thusly describing its potential in supporting the bee species.

be on top of a cannabis plant

Uniquely, the study also found that the height of the cannabis plant affects the attraction of bees. The taller the cannabis plants and the more area they cover, the more bees they attract. We’re talking 17 times more than their shorter cannabis counterparts. Now, if you’re thinking this is because of cannabis’ intoxicating properties, bzzz, wrong! Humans do not know if these remarkable little pollinators possess cannabinoid receptors. You know, the things that enable humans to get high.

Want to know what’s really interesting about cannabis and bees?

It is not sweet nectar that is attracting bees. Further to this, cannabis is a big departure from the vibrant flowers that they normally flock to. It is actually the male cannabis plant that is the buzz in the bee community.

flying bee looking for cannabis plant

Unfortunately, the health of bees is in jeopardy due to three major environmental threats. Changing weather patterns, pesticide use, and habitat destruction all effect the survival of bees. Given that marijuana plant cultivation does not need extreme pesticide use, or even water, the cannabis plant may be a potential agricultural remedy. Let’s hope that cannabis cultivation positively impacts the environment, and of course, the bees!

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