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Why Marijuana and Meditation Works

cannabis bud practicing weed yoga

Marijuana and Meditation

Marijuana and Meditation go hand-in-hand. Beneficial for mind,body and spirit.

Right now, millions of people around the world are getting their zen on by meditating, and it’s not just because it’s trendy. It actually WORKS!

Marijuana and Meditation are the perfect combo.

Meditation has had deep ancient roots in cultures and civilizations with Buddhist Monks, Sage Guru’s in the Himalayas, and Western Teachers everywhere for centuries.

Marijuana has deep roots too, literally, but also in terms of opening our minds, relaxing our bodies, and helping us feel great!

Meditation and Marijuana are excellent mental health tools.

girl cannabis meditating

When you choose the right type of weed for your meditation practice it can feel magical. As Patanjali stated hundreds of years ago (The Father of Yoga):

“All your thoughts break their bonds: Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world.”

So many people struggle with mental health challenges globally, and when they discover meditation with the right strain of marijuana or edibles, things can really change quickly in a positive way.

What’s the Best Weed for Meditation?

cannabis bud practicing weed yoga

The meditation results you want, depend heavily on the strain of pot or type of edibles you decide to use.

Edibles do take a little bit of time to ‘kick in’, and we have some fantastic Cannabis Cookware for you to try with our edible recipes!

Finding the Right Strain of Cannabis for Meditation Will Take Patience!

Most people are unable to quiet the mind or relax the body enough during meditation. Our minds are always moving.

Using weed to meditate for some, can open the mind and create mind-blowing perspective. For others, it simply relaxes the body and mind enough to just be still.

What Strain of Pot is Best to Smoke for Meditation?

Are you looking for a sedative, full-body and euphoric experience? An Indica-strong strain is a great choice here and Northern Lights comes to mind. It’s an Indica strain.

Want to relieve tensions, stress, and ride high on positive vibes? Laughing Buddha would be the choice here! This one’s a Sativa strain.

The last Indica we would recommend you smoke for meditation would be Hindu Kush. Indigenous of the Hindu Kush Mountains that border Pakistan and Afghanistan, this strain is sublime, full body chill-out-champion.

What Type of Meditation is Best with Weed?

weed meditation with Buddha

We’ve tried it all, and the best type of meditation by far is guided meditation. Here’s how we suggest you introduce pot to your practice:

  1. Get rolling. Roll up your weed and unroll your yoga mat.
  2. Get comfy. Make sure you’re somewhere safe, and comfortable.
  3. Have your guided meditation app prepared, and headphones too.
  4. Make this a beautiful ritual! Light candles, burn sage or incense and make sure you have something comfortable to sit on like a meditation zafu or cushion.
  5. Enjoy your smoke, and make sure you have water or tea nearby. You don’t have to smoke – you can enjoy a delicious pot-brownie too!
  6. Once you’ve enjoyed the number of puffs you desire, start your meditation.

There is no Wrong Way to Meditate.

Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. It does help if you have a journal or laptop nearby to write down any creative ideas or words that show up.

Allow your mind to fly! Let the meditation and marijuana lead you into places you’ve never discovered before. Just chill out and enjoy the peace of mind you’ll get from this awesome journey.

What Kind of Weed do YOU smoke with Meditation?

We always want to know. What experiences have you had? What worked best?

Do you Prefer Smoking or Edibles for Best Meditation Results?

Share in the comments below and let us know what you loved and what worked best!

Happy Meditating!

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