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Why are brands making makeup with cannabis?

girl applying cbd makeup

If you’re flipping through a beauty magazine, consider this a heads up. The cannabis makeup revolution is happening right before our eyes. From CBD makeup palettes to weed infused lip sticks, pot makeup products are what’s hot in makeup in 2020.

If you’re wondering why beauty brands are churning out cannabis makeup, we’re going to spill the tea on makeup with CBD. If you’re considering giving cannabis infused makeup a shot, read on to find out why weed makeup is the hottest beauty trend in 2020.

Hey beauty queens, this is why makeup is infused with weed.

CBD infused makeup is making its way into big beauty brands. You may have heard about the unique cannabis property, CBD. CBD oil is constantly being celebrated as a moisturizing godsend that is soothing for the skin. It is no surprise that this cannabinoid is being captured and committed to your beauty routine.

In recent years, beauty companies are known to include multi-purpose make up blends. From moisturizing makeup, to anti-aging makeup lines, it is common for brands to put out products that serve many purposes. Since CBD is rumoured to be moisturizing, it seems that brands are capitalizing on this supposed feature by advertising their own CBD makeup blends.

CBD makeup is not just rumoured to be moisturizing.

types of cbd makeup

Of course, the beauty industry is not likely to take on new ventures with only one rumoured positive property. From gushing celebrities, to weed articles, CBD makeup purportedly does a lot more than just moisturize. In addition to this toted property, you may also come across some hot gossip and interesting thoughts on CBD beauty.

Beauty enthusiasts are not just talking about CBD moisturizing makeup. You may also hear that many beauty lovers are using cannabis makeup for help with skin problems. From acne to rosacea, these cannabis brands are highlighting CBD oil for skin problems and the high quality CBD products they produce.

Makeup brands are creating CBD beauty products for cold hard cash.

That’s the hard truth of it. Although the rumour mill is rampant with the benefits of CBD for skin care, this is not the sole purpose of CBD makeup blends. As much as we like to believe in the goodness of big beauty brands, it is not likely that they would hop on board without the potential to make a lot of money.

Considering the multitude of cannabis makeup products, it is unsurprising that CBD makeup is what’s trending in 2020. If you think about the vast array of makeup products, it is almost limitless how many CBD makeup products can contain CBD oil for beauty.

What types of CBD makeup products are beauty brands creating?

Different types of CBD infused makeup

Unsurprisingly, you can infuse almost every type of makeup with CBD oil. From CBD infused coverup, to cannabis blush, there is an incredible amount of CBD makeup products taking over the scene. Not only can they be found in magazines, but, the internet, TV, and beauty stores. Everyone seems to be stocking up on makeup with CBD.

This product is gaining so much traction that you can replace your entire makeup routine with CBD. Not only do these CBD makeup products contain weed, but CBD beauty brands are adding to their lineups with CBD Shampoos, Hemp Shampoos, and cannabis topicals.

Beauty companies are creating CBD makeup blends and it looks like they’re here to stay.

From the incredible selections of CBD products lining the shelves at beauty stores, to immense revenue potential, CBD makeup blends are here to stay. If you’re looking to mixup your daily makeup routine, CBD beauty is making it easy. You can supplement your products with CBD infused makeup blends that are steadily being released by big name brands.

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