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How to Use Cannabis Resin


What is Cannabis Resin

Have you ever wonder what that sticky substance on the cannabis plant is? That, my Canna-friends, is called Cannabis resin – and it has many wonderful benefits, and uses!

Cannabis resin is produced in the trichomes of the Cannabis plant. It’s sticky, sappy, and sort of like golden nectar. It is often the stuff that accumulates at the bottom of your bowl which can get ashy.

Trichome comes from the Greek word “Tríchōma”, which translates as “growth of hair”. They are microscopic, and they look like frost or tiny little crystals on the leaves.

be on top of a cannabis plant

The Crown Jewel of the Cannabis Plant.

Much of the THC for which marijuana is used for is found in cannabis resin! Resin by itself is still usable, which many people may not realize.

Pros of Collecting Resin

When you separate the resin from the Cannabis plant, you’re gathering all of the plant’s desirable compounds (or delicious leftovers).

Collecting this delicious sap from a Cannabis plant is like customizing YouTube to only show you things you want to see without the commercials and ads!

Concentrates made from the glands are more potent than the flower.

What is the Purpose of Weed Resin

The purpose of this fantastic golden-goop in the cannabis plant is to function as the immune system of the plant. The resin repels insects and protects against UV damage to ensure that the plant will survive.

It also contains terpenes, which gives off a smell that attracts all sorts of insects that are necessary to its survival by providing pollination to help it procreate! It’s incredible what one little plant is capable of!

What Does Weed Resin Look Like?

It’s sticky and looks just tree sap – it’s a golden tacky substance that is oozy and resembles a honey-like look!


Top Ways to Use Cannabis Resin

As many Cannabis lovers may know, tarry resin collects at the bottom of your bowl. It’s that black, sticky stuff called ‘pipe resin.’ This isn’t the best to consume because it’s already been burned, full of carbon from the ash, and has little to no THC.

Here’s how you can enjoy Cannabis Resin:

  • Hash – kicks in quite quickly
  • Butane Hash Oil – aka honey oil and more potent than hash.
  • Rosin – using a hydraulic press will work great here
  • Live Resin – a flash-frozen process

Marijuana Resin

Using Cannabis resin is truly an incredibly brilliant, useful substance, and a great way to get the full use out of your bud. It contains a lot of beneficial properties such as flavonoids, terpenes, and of course, THC.


Resin is like the hidden treasure within the cannabis plant; it provides you with a flighty and euphoric high that may help you to relax, and definitely de-stress. Sounds great, right?!

Whatever way you decide to enjoy and try resin, we recommend giving the different ways to extract and use them a try and see which one you like best.

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