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What CBD Oil is Right For Me?

Cannabis tincture of full extract cannabis oil

What CBD Oil is Right For Me?

There are so many wonderful cannabis products out there, but the big question you are probably asking yourself is: What CBD Oil is Right For Me?

First off, let’s get this little disclaimer out of the way so we can carry on.

Every one reacts to cannabis differently, so expect some trial and error when exploring the best oil-option for you.

Now that that’s out of the way, we can move on to some interesting and helping tips to help you choose and decide.

Choosing How To Take CBD

CBD oil products come in a wide range of concentrations, meaning some have higher doses of cannabidiol than others.

The higher the concentration, the more potent the CBD oil is.

You can choose to take CBD in a capsule or as a straight-up oil – the method is entirely up to you.


If you’re easily confused by milligrams or percentages like I was, it’s important to know two things: some products contain the amount of CBD in milligrams, for example: 300mg’s, while others will include the percentage, for example: 28% CBD.

No matter what number the company has listed, the higher it is, the stronger or more potent the oil will be.

I’m Just Starting To Use CBD Oil

If you’re new to the CBD oil world, just use what I like to call: ” The Marijuana Mantra” which goes a little something like this:

picture of a cannabis leaf for edible marijuana

“Dose LOW and Dose SLOW”

— The Marijuana Mantra

You can gradually work your way up to higher doses. Just notice how it affects your body, and then adjust accordingly.

If you’re using CBD for medicinal purposes, most MD’s (at least here in Canada) will encourage you to start at 0.5 ml, for example, for three days and then increase slightly again after 3 days.

Subtlety is key, so your body can adjust and regulate what’s going on and you can too!

What Are The Different Kinds of CBD?

There are two most common types of CBD Oil. Full-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate.

Full-spectrum oils contain all of the active cannabinoids and terpenes found within the plant, while CBD isolate is pure cannabidiol, and nothing else.

With a full-spectrum CBD oil, it encourages what’s called the entourage effect. It’s when cannabinoids AND terpenes (natural chemicals found within the cannabis plant) boost each other’s effects while they interact and mingle inside your body.

Isolate oils do not, because the terpenes are removed – so there are benefits to both oils, and your body needs to show you which one works best.

Homemade cannabis capsules with cbd

CBD Oil VS Capsules

Just as important as choosing the right concentration, you should consider how you’re going to consume CBD.

You can take CBD oil sublingually (meaning: under the tongue) with an oil dropper, or you can choose to get CBD capsules or gummies which is easy to eat and easier to manage the dosage.

These products still contain the same active ingredients, but the onset and actual duration of effects might vary from person to person.

When you take CBD oil under your tongue, the cannabinoid has a direct path to the bloodstream and your absorption rate is higher.

But that being said, when the effects of edibles or capsules do start – they actually last longer than if you took it under the tongue!

It just depends on your lifestyle, and desired effects.

the difference between cbd and cbg

CBD On A Budget

If you’re on a budget or financially strapped, you’ll need to take price into consideration.

CBD oils with a higher concentration might be slightly more pricey, but it means it may last longer so you won’t have to constantly order, wait and pay for shipping frequently.

Check for companies who are transparent and honest with their numbers, tests and results.

You can feel great knowing that you have a high-quality, lab-tested, and certified product to put into your body.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there isn’t a ‘best’ CBD oil for any particular person, circumstance or wellness goal.

Talk with your medical professionals, and determine what to start with, and create a journal or note on your smartphone to document your feelings.

Feeling better? Keep going!

Feeling not-so-hot? Change the type, dose or frequency of ingestion to start noticing the wonderful and beneficial effects of CBD oil.

To learn more about how you can cook with CBD oil, or create yummy recipes check out our recipe index here.

If you’re looking to up-level your canna-cooking game, you may want to start here.

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