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Weed Yoga & Edibles – For a More Intense Practice


There are so many yoga retreats around the world that are back in business now that the world has settled down just a little and it’s great!

But you don’t have to travel far to have a great yoga-experience!

Have you tried Edibles and Yoga Together?

We’ve created a great way to enjoy edibles and cannabis matched with yoga poses and yogic breathing that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy all over.

Edibles, Smoking Weed, or Vaping?

This is totally up to the individual, and if you’re practicing alone we suggest smoking – it’s got such a ritualistic vibe and feel that we absolutely love. Here are a few exercises to try out:

women sitting in yoga pose at cannabis yoga retreat
  1. Mindful Yogic Breathing for Anxiety or Stress: This one’s a great exercise to use with smoking in our opinion. Try Hindu Kush. This 100% Indica is known for its intense body high and sedating feelings.

Take a nice big deep breath in through the nose, and out through the nose while seated in an upright position. Tall spine, relaxed shoulders. Do this 5 times, and then take a nice big toke.

Continue with your yoga practice using online classes like Yoga With Adriene. and choose a slow restorative flow. When it comes time for Savasana, take a few more tokes while you melt into meditation and pass out on your mat.

Eating Pot Edibles while doing Yoga can really open your mind!


Here’s how:

Consider creating a ritual and deeply connecting yoga practice at home or in your back yard with edibles.

We’re going to suggest our delicious recipe for pot brownies. Share a batch of edibles with your fellow yogis before you begin.

Getting High from THC Weed edibles

Hop into a Hatha Yoga or Somasa Yoga Practice which could look like:

  1. Mountain Pose ( take a bite)
  2. Forward Fold
  3. Halfway Up & Pike
  4. Forward Fold
  5. Mountain Pose ( take a bite)
  6. Warrior 1
  7. Triangle Pose
  8. Warrior 2
  9. Warrior 3
  10. Low Lunge
  11. Downward Dog
  12. Childs Pose
  13. Table Top ( take a bite & remember to breathe!)
  14. Cat-Cow
  15. Downward Dog
  16. Forward Fold
  17. Halfway Up/Pike
  18. Mountain pose ( take a bite)
  19. Repeat Steps 1-18
  20. Then bring yourself down to the yoga mat for Savasana Relaxation. Take a few more bites and sink into nirvana as you meditate and let your mind go.

CBD Edibles are great for Yoga Practice too!


Of course, not all yoga practices have to be slow and chill – if you want to energize your practice and increase mental clarity, many yogi’s all over the globe have found great success with using CBD oil and CBD edibles!

Try a fast flow first thing in the morning and use a dose of our CBD oil or munch on a few gummy bears! Some of the reported (but not medically proven) side effects include less anxiety, increased mental clarity, increased focus, and an overall decrease of inflammation and body pains.

We suggest this yoga flow for the mornings with CBD: Morning Yoga Flow.

Let us know how your yoga practice has intensified with weed edibles or smoking certain strains in the comments below!

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