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Weed Friendly Vacation with Yoga in Holland


Are you itching to go on vacation again? We are too.

Travel to Holland

When everything finally lifts, and you can travel again where is the first place you want to go?

For us it’s Holland. Hands-down our favorite place to eat, smoke, and enjoy yoga. The sight-seeing is incredible too.

No matter where you go in Holland, you’ll be welcomed by friendly faces, offers of coffee, and ‘gebakjes’ (Dutch pastries/treats) and when in Amsterdam? Weed Cafes. Take your pic, they’re everywhere!


Everything about Holland is “gezellig”! (cozy)

Just about everyone knows that weed (among many other things) is legal in Holland, and with the picture-perfect scenery, hundreds of things to see and do (like sex-museums,canal-tours, Anne Frank house, bicycling tours, etc) why not put Holland at the top of your travel list?

You can smoke weed anywhere you go – that’s why Holland is amazing!

Below are some great yoga retreats you can enjoy in Holland. From experience, we suggest spending at least 2 weeks in Holland and definitely go to Amsterdam for much of that time to enjoy weed, 420 cafes, and a real Dutch experience.

When you’re traveling in the airplane since it’s a 6-7 hour flight depending on where you live, we suggest before you go, doing this:

  1. CBD Skin Moisturiser – to eliminate pesky dry skin
  2. CBD Oil – for wellness benefits
  3. Bring our Cannadish Cookbook along!
  1. Meditation, Yoga, and totally Vegetarian – this 4-day yoga retreat in the countryside will leave you feeling more relaxed, rejuvenated, and calm! Weed-based? No – but since weed is so readily available anywhere in Holland you can use your free time to enjoy smoking or vaping in between downward dog and triangle pose. Click here.
  2. Just 10 minutes from the center of Amsterdam, Ilma Yoga House provides a 3-day retreat with Hatha Yoga. Perfect for a few days of stretching your mind and body, and the rest of your vacation can focus on exploring Amsterdam and the beautiful country! Click here.
  3. 3 Day’s, “Free-your-mind” Yoga, Mindfulness, and Coaching with Horses. This lovely retreat is situated in the province of “Zeeland” – a breathtaking province right by the North Sea. Combine horses, yoga, relaxation, and the fresh sea air, you’ll feel calm and zen after 3 days here! Check it out.

See our other fabulous retreat ideas and articles here.

Let us know where your travels take you and your favorite weed-friendly-cafes or locations in the comments below.

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