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Weed Anthems: Highly Popular Songs About Weed

cannabis bud listening to music

Do you love weed and music? You are not alone.

There are so many chart-topping songs about weed. If you search for weed anthems, you’ll see what we’re talking about. It seems like cannabis songs are not only popular, they far reach quite a few genres. We are putting together a list of weed anthems in a few different genres to appeal to quite a few different fans of cannabis culture. If you like weed, and you enjoy music, check out this list of popular songs about weed. If you don’t already know them, they may just become your new favorite weed banger!

Steve Miller Band’s Psychedelic Rock Song, “The Joker”

record with weed leaf

Please tell me you’ve heard this song. This psychedelic rock song is a summer must listen. If you’re a joker, a smoker, or a midnight toker, the groovy sound of this 1970’s cannabis classic is far out. In all seriousness, this song is an easy, feel good tune that is great for casual hangs. If you’re into some solid vocals overlaying sweet bass, this song may interest you. If you’re looking for a chill weed anthem, throw this song on and enjoy the happy-go-lucky sounds.

“Mary Jane” by Rick James is also a go-to weed anthem.

If you are into a Funk/Soul vibe, you probably know this song. If not, you might want to listen to this late 70’s disco tune. To a non-smoker, this song may not come across as though it’s about weed. But, make no bones about it, she is not known to everyone as woman. Mary Jane might look a little bit more like the flower that you know and love. If you’re throwing a weed party or a disco themed party, this weed song might be a fun choice.

Bob Marley’s “Kaya” pays homage to the herb through Jamaican slang.

bob Marley writes weed song

Marley is not exactly shy about speaking to his love of cannabis. The title of his song “Kaya” is reportedly slang for herb. (Herb being common slang for cannabis spanning many countries.) This is a perfect song for a 420 celebration. Truthfully, it’s a perfect song for anytime. Bob Marley’s chill voice with rhythmic reggae sounds complement any occasion. Experience the love of cannabis through sweet music made by a music legend.

“Because I Got High” by Afroman is a highly popular weed song.

Did this song get stuck in your head as song as you read this? This song about weed may be very popular, but surprisingly, it only made Afroman a one-hit-wonder. Whether or not he still makes music does not detract from the greatness of this song. This singalong is perfect if you’re throwing a party, hanging out by the pool, or sparking up alone. If you’re looking for a feel good tune, this weed song is a pot lover’s anthem.

The title says it all in “Stoner’s Anthem” by Snoop Dogg.

snoop Dogg smoking weed

Can you guess what this song is about? We’re going to assume that you got it. This weed song is the ultimate anthem for cannabis lovers. If you’re a huge fan of cannabis, you may just have a likeness to Snoop Dogg. This platinum artist is often talking about his love of weed. It is even highly recognizable in his songs. This weed song is what he calls a “Stoner’s Anthem” because it is all about bud. Whether you’re engaging in a “sesh” or around other people who share your affinity for weed, this song may be well received.

These weed anthems may be right for you if you love cannabis and music.

If you enjoy music and you’re a fan of cannabis too, you may want to add these songs to your playlist. From classic rock, to R&B, it seems like there is a weed song for everyone. You can check these out if you’re just hanging out with friends. If you’re lighting up a joint, this music may complement the occasion nicely. Even if you’re not a fan of cannabis, these songs still might interest you. From a strictly musical perspective, you may listen and find out why they’re popular for other reasons.

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