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Top 420 Party Ideas For Your Next Cannabis Party

Make your shindig lit with 420 games and more!

Thanks to widespread cannabis legalization, weed is the hottest new party favor. Whether you’re celebrating April 20th (420) or any other holiday, there are many ways to incorporate cannabis into your party agenda. In fact, there are so many 420 games and party ideas, you might have a hard time narrowing down the list.

Not to worry, we’ve researched everything for 420 events you need to know. For instance, if you’re throwing a Happy Birthday weed party, or simply putting together a cannabis dinner party — we’ve got you set. If your state has just legalized marijuana, you could go all out and throw a cannabis cup to celebrate.

Check Out These Ideas To Make Your Cannabis Party a Hit!

When throwing a 420 party, the set-up is crucial. Remember, not just any party favor will do. You’ll need weed party favors to get your party lit.

Joint Party Favors

Get things started off right by offering your guests a smorgasbord of pre-rolled joints. That way, they can be smoked immediately or later, depending on the preferences of each attendee. Be sure to label them clearly with strain names.

Edible Party Favors

cannabis cupcakes for party favors

This is the same concept as joint party favors, only the edible version. You can make your own or buy them pre-made from a dispensary. Just like joints, they can be enjoyed upon your guests’ arrival or later on. If you’re making them yourself, you can package them individually in goodie bags or miniature plastic cups.

Novelty Smoking Devices

You can make your 420 party that much more memorable by offering your guests something special to smoke out of. Try getting your hands on a special bong (or two) for the occasion, or consider splurging for a special vaporizer. You can even add a hookah to the mix for social smoking.

Customized Lighters

When throwing a cannabis party, it’s important to have plenty of lighters on-hand. In addition you could go the extra mile and give your guests customized lighters. That way, they’ll not only have a flame handy for lighting up those joints, they’ll also have a take him to remember the occasion.

420 Games

playing mega at a weed party

What cannabis party would be complete without 420 games? Just like drinking games, cannabis contests are already becoming a new favorite among weed enthusiasts.

Weed Jenga

This game is just what the name suggests — Jenga, while high. The rules are simple. Start off by writing commands on each block with a sharpie. Then, set up the tower. Begin the game by taking a couple of giant hits, either from a joint or a device of your choosing. Whichever block the player pulls, they must follow the command.

Elevated Disc Golf

Turn a round of disc golf into a stoner sporting event. Require each player to take a hit from a bong or dabber every time they throw a disc. Or, you can change the rules of the game to require each team to smoke an entire joint at each basket. For this tournament, the lowest score wins.

Weed Pong

Instead of playing beer pong, try turning this classic game into a marijuana-themed contest. You can make up your own rules, deciding if the winner of each point must smoke, or the loser. The sky is the limit!

Mario Cart Kush

You can play this with any video game. Of course, the more players that can be included, the better. The rules are simple. The winner gets to smoke weed. However, you can adjust the terms from there. Maybe the winner gets to smoke multiple hits while the loser only gets one. You decide!

Don’t Forget the Non-Weed Supplies

When throwing a cannabis party, it’s important to remember the weed. Obviously, your party needs more than marijuana and 420 games. Your guests will be hungry (munchies), and thirsty (hello, cottonmouth). You’ll need to make sure there is plenty of food and drink to satiate their appetites. 

Order some pizza, set out some beer, and stock the fridge with bubbly water and soda. You are going to have some ravenous guests. Get creative with your party treats to make your event a night to remember.

Check Out These Weed Edible Ideas:

Marijuana leaf cookies

Just because you’re offering your guests with some non-medicated munchies doesn’t mean you have to ditch the 420 theme of your party. Thanks to the internet, you can buy weed leaf cookie cutters. Decorate your cookies with green icing and sprinkles, and be sure to let your guests know that these treats don’t contain THC.

CBD treats

As with any good 420 party, you might have a few guests who have found themselves getting a little bit too high. You can help them out by offering some edibles that are CBD only. CBD has been known to counteract the psychoactive qualities of THC, and could help bring some of your guests back to earth.

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