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Top 20 Fun Things To Do While High


Have a little fun next time you smoke and find out what the:

Top 20 Fun Things to Do While High are!

Being high is great all by itself, but sometimes just sitting there on the coach coasting through your high isn’t enough. You need something more. That’s when you start looking for fun things to do while high!

You don’t need to buy or create anything – just enjoy a few edibles, weed brownie, cannabis chicken wings, or a few juicy puffs and read below!

Top 20 Fun Things To Do While High – The Best List!

1) Dance Baby!

Yes, couch-lock can be tough to come out of, but you’ll enjoy your high even more if you get up and dance!. Pick a genre or type of music that you love and crank up the volume. Groove to 70’s funk, or pick something fun like Bruno Mars.

2) Channel Your Inner Tai Chi – So Fun While High!

Slow movements, super cool feeling, and if you’ve just chowed down some tasty cannabis edibles – this activity is definitely one of the best and most fun things to do while high!

3) Hula Hoop Hurrah!


You need to swing those hips and focus when enjoying your hula hoop! There’s something super satisfying about finding the rhythm in your hips to keep that hoop spinning. Depending on the type of pot you’re smoking, this could end up in uncontrollable laughter or a serious hula-competition!

4) Go To The Zoo or The Park

Hit the bong first, and then Uber it to the zoo. Catch a bird show or reptile show if you can and trust us, it will blow your mind! Really, anything with a lot of movement works great. Dog Parks too. And if you really have no other options, stream The Greatest Showman and enjoy!

5) Read A Book

It may not sound like a terribly good time, but grab something you’ve always been interested in and let your mind do the rest. The things you’ll learn will literally expand your consciousness. It doesn’t sound like fun, but really? It is! It’s a top contender for the 20 Fun Things to Do While High!

6) Funny Cat Videos – The Most Fun While High!

Funny Cat Videos are the absolute best when sober, but when hight? OMG. Just surf the web and you’ll discover new things, laugh, cry, and chill all with just a few taps. This may be our number one choice, but read on – there are a few more great ones!


7) Yoga

Throw on Yoga With Adrienne and do a rigorous yoga workout. You’ll notice how fantastic your body feels and during Savasana? Your mind will take you to places you’ve never been to before. Awesome.

8) Clean The House

Declutter like Kondo and rock your room, house, or clothes closet. You’ll feel so absolutely satisfied while accomplishing something you probably hate doing sober! You’ll be happy that you did.

9) Swing on a Swingset

Remember how amazing it felt to swing when you were a kid? Now you can experience that feeling again. Grab a few gummies, pop them in your mouth and head to a nearby playground, and pump your legs as hard as you can

10) Get Raunchy & Randy!

Which one is better: being high or having sex? Honestly, it’s pretty even. Get between the sheets after you’ve hit the bong, or smoked something sexy for a wonderfully pleasing experience. You can do this solo if you don’t have a partner handy! This idea may just hold the number one spot for Top 20 Fun Things to Do While High!


11) Take A Nature Walk

The sights. The sounds. The fresh air. It’s all made better with a bit of weed.

12) Get Active

Get moving, literally! Play basketball, go skating, hit balls off a tee, a bike ride – get moving so that you can balance your snack-intake!

13) Hang With Friends

Hanging with friends inevitably leads to some great conversations that will either remake you laugh non-stop or make you rethink the world and it’s problems! Make sure you are hanging with friends you feel happy and safe with so you don’t run into negative Nancy and she ruins your buzz.

14) Meditate

Meditating is so good for you! It’s just not that easy when sober. Your mind has a hard time concentrating. Just puff some pot, relax, and let your thoughts drift you to bliss. Ahh.. so nice!

cannabis yoga at retreat

15) Play Video Games

Super Mario Bros is one of the BEST video games ever, but you’ve probbaly not played it while you were high! Mario, Luigi and Yoshi – especially Yoshi – make this one of the most fun things to do while high.

16) Watch Netflix

Netflix has so many fantastic shows and we recommend watching Weeds or Breaking Bad. Seriously! You’ll love the jokes, tokes and special effects.

17) Try Cooking with Cannabis

You’re going to be hungry anyway, so why not use it as an opportunity to try cooking with Cannabis? Who knows? You might find your new favorite. We’ve got a cookbook for that, and we think you’d agree that enjoying snacks while high is the number 1 choice for Top 20 Fun Things To Do While High!

18) Get A Massage

You’re probably not stressed out at all, especially when you’re having a dope and fantastic high – but getting a massage will relax your entire mind and body like nothing else. Do something nice for you – and it’s a really fun thing to do while high!

couple receiving a cbd massage

19) Go Swimming!

Not only will this feel amazing, but you may enjoy the calming and peaceful effects that swimming and smoking bring.

20) Play Games with Alexa

Alexa has mad skills, and we dare you to find some fun ones and play around with her! It’s hilarious when she gets things wrong, but she’s intelligent and thoughtful so give her a try!

Now that you’ve got your list ready, we’re encouraging you to enjoy some ganja, and create your own Top 20 Fun Things to Do While High!

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