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These Trendy Cannabinoids Are Showing Up In Cannabis Beauty

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Are you noticing that there are particular cannabinoids showing up in weed beauty products?

When you’re checking out cannabis beauty products, pay attention to the specific cannabinoids that they contain. Notice anything similar? There are a few repetitive properties of the cannabis plant that are being added to weed beauty products. It is likely that you may become well acquainted. CBD and CBG are a couple of the common players. So, what kind of cannabis products are we talking about? Is there a reason that these guys are the chosen ones?

Let’s talk about what these cannabinoids are.

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So, you may be seeing some commonalities between beauty products with weed. It is pretty common that cannabis beauty products are containing either CBD or CBG. Well, if you’re wondering what these products are, they are indeed properties of the cannabis plant. CBD stands for cannabidiol and CBG stands for cannabigerol. They are both chemical compounds that are closely related to one another within the weed plant.

These unique properties are being harvested for their supposed potential benefits. This is a fairly new study within the realm of science, but, we are slowly seeing more studies around the subject. Hopefully science will catchup to the claims surrounding their product. In the meantime, we eagerly wait.

What products contain these cannabinoids?

There are so many products emerging around the world that contain these weed properties. From moisturizers, to lip balms, it is amazing to see what’s happening. Here is a list of cannabis beauty products that are currently on the market:

  • CBD Shampoo + Conditioner
  • Hemp Mascara
  • CBG Face Mask
  • Cannabis Fixing Spray
  • Weed Hair Serum
cannabis beauty products

Can you believe that these weed infused beauty products barely even scratch the surface? You can practically replace your entire beauty regimen with CBD products alone. As cannabis becomes more legally acceptable, the product availability only escalates. Imagine what is going to be available in a mere five years from now?

So, why are cannabinoids inside cannabis beauty products?

cannabis plants containing cannabinoids

What may surprise you, is that weed beauty products are picking up traction for a different reason that one may partake in smoking weed. CBD and CBG products do not commonly contain enough THC to get you high. This may be one of the reasons that beauty is welcoming these weed properties. Unfortunately, the stigma isn’t completely gone from weed. These products, however, may contribute to wider acceptance the more that they are being used in cannabis beauty.

Additionally, there are rumours swirling that these cannabinoids are beneficial to one’s beauty. From skin spot lightening, to anti-inflammation, a lot of weed beauty companies are saying that these properties are promising. Of course, we need to wait for science to validate these claims before we can outwardly agree.

Hopefully the cannabis revolution is paving the way for the acceptance of weed in beauty. The more products arise, the more cannabis is likely to enter the spotlight. We can only hope that cannabis beauty products will shine a light on the diverse application of weed.

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