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The 7 Best CBD-Infused Drinks to Try in 2020


The Best CBD-Infused Drinks to Try in 2020

What are some of the best CBD-Infused Drinks to try in 2020? The good news is there are plenty! Wet your appetite with wellness and read on!

It’s important to make sure that for any CBD-Newbies, you should know that CBD will not get you high.

CBD does offer a slew of health benefits however, from possible stress relief to reduced anxiety, nausea relief, decreased muscle and joint pain, improved sleep, and a decrease in inflammation and acne. Score!

Will CBD Drinks Get Me High?

CBD is non-psychoactive. This means that the ‘buzz’ associated with weed won’t hit you, but you may feel more relaxed and peaceful!

facial yoga with cbd oil

The type of effect that comes with CBD drinks is dependant on the person.

We definitely think you should join the craze with some of the best CBD drinks of 2020. We’ve got options for you like CBD Coffee, Soda, and yes Wine-lovers – CBD Wine!

1. CBD-Infused Coffee

There’s nothing better than a hot, fresh cup of exceptional coffee first thing in the morning to start your day off right! Right?!

You may feel alert, calm, and focused too after a hot cup of these fantastic little cups of rich, bold and aromatic coffee.

With CBD infused into k-cups, you may even ease minor inflammation and discomfort.


These coffee pods are based on hemp extracts processed through honey bees who love hemp. This produces a unique hemp extract fortified honey!

2.CBD Cocktail Mixers

Looking for a delicious and refreshing alternative to alcohol?

With zero chemicals and amazing taste, you can enjoy this hemp-infused cocktail and soda syrup often!

Try Jalapeno Margarita or Hibiscus Mint Lemon!

Super tasty on ice, or garnished with mint, fresh fruits, or a healthy splash of sparkling water too.


CBD Cocktail Mixers offer less than 1 milligram of hemp extract per serving.

These tasty infusions interact with the body naturally, producing a relaxing effect, without the negative effects of alcohol.

Made with hemp extracts processed through honey bees!

3.CBD-Infused Wine 

It’s sweet, sugary Spanish and it’s called: Cannawine.

Infused with CBD hemp extract, this red wine has 14.5 percent alcohol and is best served cold.


Red wine has held the title of being ‘good for you’, rich with antioxidants, and if that isn’t enough when you mix in CBD, it may even act as an antidepressive and antispasmodic agent, which may help against cancer.

Bottoms up and three cheers for Cannawine because; Wine Not?!

4.Cold Brew Coffee

Sometimes it’s nice to switch things up!

Swap your usual cold brew coffee with Kickback’s vegan CBD-infused coffee (20mg per serving).

When CBD is combined with caffeine, you should get a calm, yet energized feeling that can be referred to as “a functional chill.”

Kickback cold brew coffee cbd

5.Powder Mixes

Not only does CBD help you feel calmer, but it’s commonly used to reduce inflammation.

Try a CBD powder mix or single-serve packets of instant CBD-infused coconut water, tea, and flavorless mix!

Great for sports performance recovery because it’s fast-acting, water-soluble, and offers more bioavailability.

Bioavailability simply means that it’s easier for the body to absorb.


6.CBD Soda Beverages

CBD Soda is naturally sweetened and flavored and fun!

Try Citrus, Sparkling Lemon Tea, and Melon. Each can contains 20mg of all-natural CBD derived from agricultural hemp!

This great alternative to Pepsi, Coke or any other full-of-sugar soda will be your new fav go-to drink!

Sprig CBD Soda

7. Coconut Water Infused with CBD

Coconut water is refreshing and rejuvenating.

It’s also a great replenishing drink after or before any kind of sport or activity!

Adding in Cannabis just makes it that much better!

It’s like two of the best bands of all time combine and crank out the absolute best tunes ever.

Happy Sipping Cannadishers!

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