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Sunburn Quick Fix with CBD Oil


Sunburn Quick Fix with CBD Oil

You know that painful can’t-hardly-move feeling after you’ve overexposed your skin to sunshine, right?

You need a sunburn quick fix!

It burns, it itches and your skin looks tomato-red. Ouch!

How Long does a Sun Burn Last?

This is entirely dependant on the amount of sun you’ve had. Typically a sun burn can last anywhere from 3 -10 days or more!


Sun Burn Remedies

There are thousands of claims out there telling consumers that their products are the best in relieving sun burns, but we here at Cannadish know that the best way to remedy your rash is naturally.

Those “quick fix” lotions and potions out there contain chemicals harmful to the skin and while it may look better after a few days, internally it just won’t. Don’t take the risk!

CBD Oil and Aloe Vera


Plain, simple, and natural – our premium broad-spectrum CBD Oil and CBD Skin Care Cream are perfect partners when combined alone or with Aloe Vera.

Nourishing, natural and never harmful – we have just the recipe for you!

Plus, our Peppermint CBD Oil is cooling as well as soothing – the perfect solution to sunburns!

Aloe Vera Benefits

Because of Aloe Vera’s gel-like substance, the inside of an aloe plant has the most potent skin-healing ingredients!

The naturally occurring gel heals and protects your skin quickly so sunburns will heal quicker.

Natural, Nourishing, Never Harmful!
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Prep Time: 15 minutes
Keyword: cbd skin care
Servings: 1 person
Author: Steph Van De Ven
Cost: 40


  • Medium Sized Bowl
  • Blender or Magic Bullet
  • Soft Silicone BBQ Brush or Spatula
  • Paper Towel or Cutting Board
  • Sharp knife
  • Soup Spoon


  • 1 large Branch of Aloe Vera Plant You can also purchase all natural & pure aloe vera
  • 25 mg's CBD Oil


  • Cut the branch off your aloe plant and lay it down on a paper towel or cutting board
  • With the branch curving upward, slice a vertical line through with out cutting it all the way – just enough to open it up to get at the gel part of the plant
  • Use your soup spoon to scoop out all of the gel gently, and place into your blender or bullet.
  • Drop in your CBD oil and mix it up so it is a nice liquid substance
  • Place it into a bowl, and if you want to – chill it in the freezer for one hour
  • Take it out, and slather it all over your burn three times a day or more
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CBD Skin Care Moisturizer

Want something you can use on sunburns AND every day?

Our luxurious, moisturizing CBD skin cream is the perfect add-on to your skincare regime!

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