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Marijuana Leaf Shaped Waffle Maker

(2 customer reviews)
(2 customer reviews)

Marijuana Leaf Shaped Waffle Maker

Make perfect weed waffles every single time in the shape of a Cannabis leaf!

Our waffle maker has a non-stick, 8″ cooking surface for perfection every time you use and enjoy it.

The cannabis leaf design is ideal for making munchie foods including pizza, grilled cheese, cinnamon rolls, panini’s, and variations of the classic waffle.

Our Waffle Maker heats up quickly and is ideal for a quick meal.



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How do I clean the Marijuana Leaf Shaped Waffle Maker?

Because our waffle maker has a non-stick surface, you can use gentle dishwashing soap and a clean cloth or sponge, and in minutes your waffle machine is clean and ready for its next use.

Can I make anything else in the Waffle Maker?

Absolutely! It's versatile. You can make pizza, pizza pockets, grilled cheese, paninis, and of course, the classic waffle and fun variations of it!

Does the Marijuana Leaf Shaped Waffle Maker heat up fast?

Yes! It heats up quickly - and will be ready by the time you mix up your waffle batter.

Do I need to use oils or cooking sprays?

No, it's non-stick, so the surface is perfect for waffles that don't stick. Of course, if you want a little extra crisp, then a drizzle of oil or Cannabis oil is never a bad idea!

Does it cost a lot for shipping?

No! Shipping is FREE! Spread the waffle-word!

Easy and convenient, stores easily, non-stick, electric waffle making machine.

Have fun in the kitchen while you create marijuana leaf-shaped waffles.

Heats up quickly, and cleans easily too.

2 reviews for Marijuana Leaf Shaped Waffle Maker

  1. Adrienne Lufcy

    Excellent and reasonably priced things here.

  2. Bobby Hipes


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