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Make Cannabis Coconut Body Lotion For Ultimate Relaxation

Cannabis topical body lotion recipe with THC coconut oil

If you are looking for a fantastic cannabis topical recipe to stick with, this is the recipe for you! In this edition, we use both cannabis coconut oil and CBD oil. These cannabinoids mixed with essential oils creates the perfect weed topical.

It does not matter if you are simply looking for a good moisturizing lotion or a canna lotion to help relax your body. You can relieve body aches with both THC and CBD for ultimate effects!

Will THC topical lotion make me high?

weed lotion with cannabis leaves

No, this cannabis cream will not get you high. As the lotion is applied topically, it is absorbed through the skin. Therefore, its THC content will not elicit any psychoactive effects. The THC in weed topicals will only present psychoactive effects if the THC were to enter your bloodstream.

However, you will enjoy feelings of a relaxed body in the areas that you apply the cannabis lotion to. If this is your first time making canna body lotion, try applying only a small amount to the affected area. This way you can review its effects in a controlled manner. Of course, you can also target the areas that trouble you the most!

This is how you make and use cannabis body lotion:

women applying cbd with thc lotion

Cannabis lotions with THC are usually used for localized relief of medical conditions. Patients that struggle with inflammation, body aches, soreness and muscle pain may benefit. Simply add a small amount to your irritated areas, rub in softly and let the relief sink in.

In addition, you may consider using this weed lotion as a face cream. If you are prone to acne, this cream may benefit your skin! According to a study (2014) CBD helped to normalize an agent that contributes to the formation of acne. How exciting is that? CBD coupled with the anti-microbial functions of tea tree oil sounds like a potent acne fighting team!

To use cannabis lotion on your face, we recommend trying a small section of skin. This will ensure that you do not have sensitivities. Once you have determined that this weed topical works for you, add a quarter-size dollop to your hand. Apply this dollop evenly over your face and gently massage until absorbed.

Start your weed topical by creating cannabis coconut oil!

thc oil in coconut with cannabis leaves

You’re going to create the base of this topical with marijuana flower and coconut oil. This infusion will generate a beautiful cannabis coconut oil. Once this is ready, you can add shea butter, beeswax, pure CBD oil and other essential oils to your body lotion.

Remember, the cannabis coconut oil is a base weed infusion that can be used for many other recipes on our website. Simply make it ahead and store it in a cool dark place.

Cannabis topical body lotion recipe with THC coconut oil
This infused body lotion is all natural and homemade with essential oils and cannabis extracts.
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Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Keyword: body lotion, cannabis body cream, cannabis coconut oil
Servings: 1 Cup
THC: 175-250 mg
Author: Jacob


  • 1 medium bowl
  • Mason jar or other jar to store the lotion in


  • 2 Tbsp Cannabis coconut oil
  • 1/4 Cup Coconut oil Regular
  • 50 mg CBD Oil
  • 1/4 Cup Beeswax
  • 2 Tbsp Shea butter
  • 10 Drops Tea tree oil Optional
  • 10 Drops Jojoba oil Optional
  • 10 Drops Peppermint oil Optional


  • Using the double boiler method, melt cannabis coconut oil, CBD oil and all other oils in a medium sized bowl.
  • Once all melted, stir and take off heat.
  • Once the cannabis coconut oil mixture is cooled down, blend all together using a hand blender.
  • Pour the lotion in a mason jar and store it in a cool dark place.
  • You can apply the cannabis lotion topically over your whole body. Stay away from cuts and open wounds.
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