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How to Grow Marijuana Outdoors


Want to Learn How To Grow Marijuana Outdoors?

Growing cannabis is a fun and rewarding experience, and is also challenging. But are you wondering how to grow marijuana outdoors?

It definitely does takes a certain amount of time and money but the good news is that a small outdoor garden can produce quality cannabis without a large investment. Awesome!

If you have access to a sunny spot in your backyard, balcony, terrace, or rooftop, you can successfully grow cannabis, and then infuse it into your edible recipes- YUM!

Today we’re going to chat about the different factors you need to consider in order to set up your first outdoor marijuana grow.

What’s So Great About Growing Marijuana Outdoors?

Benefits of growing Marijuana outdoors:

  • Cost-effective baby! All you need is the sunshine, soil, fertilizer, and seeds of clones. Bonus? You don’t need to pay for electricity for lights, AC units, or dehumidifiers, and you can even collect rainwater and be environmentally responsible.
  • Big crop! You can let your Cannabis plants grow as big and tall as you want. Period! One plant can yield up to a pound of weed!
  • Love the Environment. Indoor grows can use so much electricity and equipment. The sun and the wind are free!
  • You’ll love it: Don’t underestimate the therapeutic benefits of gardening. It’s relaxing and there’s nothing better than enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Consider Climate for Growing Cannabis


You’ve gotta know what kind of climate conditions you have in the area you’re going to grow. Cannabis is adaptable but it is susceptible to extreme weather.

Temps above 86°F will cause your plants to stop growing, and if you go below 55°F – it may stunt plants or kill them! Heavy rains and high winds can damage your plants, and too much moisture can create mold – a big fat marijuana no-no.

If you already like to garden you’ll likely know what area of your place you’re going to start your pot plants, and if you don’t that’s why we are here so consider Cannadish your Grow-Guides!

Where Do You Plant Marijuana To Grow it Outdoors

Your cannabis plants should receive as much direct sunlight as possible during the middle of the day if possible. This is when light is the best. As fall approaches, the colder temps will trigger the flowering stage. Exciting!

And now you get to pick your strain! What kind of strain is best for you? And will you choose seeds or clones?

To “pot” or not to pot, that is the question!

Male cannabis plant displaying bulbs.

You can start your plants off in large pots or in the ground. You get to choose!

The success of your outdoor cannabis plant needs the right strain to grow in your climate and location. If you live in an area with a history of successful cannabis growing, chances are you are good to grow. Some may have even been bred specifically for your climate. That’s pretty cool!

Seeds VS Clones

Seeds vs. clones

You can plant seeds directly into the garden in early spring, and yes, even in cooler climates.

The main drawback to growing from seed is there is no guarantee as to what you’ll end up with. Only females produce the buds and you want to be sure that’s what you get! A lot of beginning growers start with feminized seeds.

What’s the Best Soil For Growing Marijuana?

We’re suggesting that around 3-4 weeks before you plant, dig large holes where you’ll be placing your cannabis plants and mix in big amounts of compost, manure, and organic matter. This will provide nutrients for the plants.

If you have clay-heavy soil or sandy soil, both come with their own drawbacks. You can always ask a local gardening centre, or garden-pro what the best remedy is for the type of soil you have.

Fertilizer for Cannabis

Cannabis plants need mad amounts of nutrients over their life cycle. They need nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Commercial fertilizers aimed at home gardeners can be used with caution, but you can also buy nutrient solutions made for cannabis at your local grow shop – depending on where you live, but Organic fertilizer is best!

Caring for Your Crop

model that represents cannabis beauty

While outdoor cannabis gardens have the benefit of enjoying rain and groundwater, you will need to water your plants frequently, especially in the hot summer months.

Big cannabis plants can use 8-10 gallons of water every day in warm weather. That’s a LOT!

Water your plants in the morning so they have an adequate supply throughout the whole day, and make it rain! They’ll need lots.

Wind, rain and frost may also be a considering factor – in which case you’ll need to look into protecting your plants. Some growers have used plastic sheeting and wooden stakes to create a make-shift greenhouse.

How to Keep Pests Away from Your Crop

Check your cannabis plants a few times a week and keep an eye out for pests. You should also make sure you haven’t planted your pot too close to any other vegetables in your garden. An infestation is far easier to deal with if caught early.

A great option to use if you do encounter a pest-raid is an organic pesticide.

Harvesting your Crop

When it comes time to harvest your crop it can be an exciting time! The best part about having your own stash is you can use your grow with your edibles and recipes!

Make your own pot brownies, gummies, or decadent dishes!

Feel like up-leveling your high? Check out our amazing Cannadish Cookbook here. And if you want to really step it up we have Cannabis products for the budding Canna Chef too!

Cannabis cookbook with edibles

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