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Does CBD Shampoo Help With Hair Growth?

girl using CBD Shampoo for hair growth

Hair growth is a topic that never goes out of style, since science has yet to fully solve the mechanics behind pattern baldness. Even without the issue of hair loss, encouraging healthy hair growth is a popular subject. Your hair is the one of the first things anyone notices about you. And CBD oil shampoo might be just the thing to make your hair amazing.

Naturally, any compound that can possibly help the process of hair growth is going to get some attention. And now that marijuana is becoming increasingly legalized, many are posing the question of whether or not cannabis can aid in growing hair. Or, more specifically, if it can prevent hair loss.

The Science of Hair Loss

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Hair loss is typically caused by an increase in a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This hormone reduces the size of hair follicles, causing them to become smaller and more brittle. That’s why DHT is the target of popular pharmaceutical treatments aimed at preventing hair loss. By inhibiting this hormone, these medications can keep more hair on your scalp. 

But there is a problem with these kinds of medications. First and foremost, they don’t always work for everyone. And for those it does work for, continuation is necessary. If the consumer stops using the product, hair loss increases.

To effectively shrink hair follicles, DHT binds to an androgen receptor. So, in theory, anything that prevents this binding could potentially prevent hair loss. A 1980 study in Endocrinology  found that marijuana containing cannabinoids THC and CBN actually prevented DHT from binding to androgen receptors. Granted, this study was done on mice, so the results might not be replicable in humans. However, it lays a blueprint for further studies into whether or not cannabis works to prevent hair loss.

Girl with strong hair from CBD hair care

There is another possible reason behind hair loss for some people, and it has nothing to do with DHT. Smoking can cause hair loss due to the inhalation of carcinogens. The science behind this is somewhat different than DHT. When you smoke, pro-inflammatory cytokines are released, causing inflammation all over the body — including hair follicles. 

This is where CBD oil for hair loss comes in. CBD actually suppresses those pro-inflammatory cytokines. And when administered orally or through a CBD shampoo, it’s possible that this versatile cannabinoid could help reduce inflammation at the hair follicle level. 

Researchers have yet to figure out how much CBD can help reduce hair loss (if at all). However, science has shown that CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory. And if inflammation can cause hair loss, it stands to reason that it may be worth trying CBD. After all, science has also discovered that CBD has a very low toxicity profile, which means it won’t hurt you to try CBD shampoo for hair growth.

Chronic stress is also a big factor in dealing with hair loss. Anytime the body experiences stress, it also increases inflammation. CBD has the capability to ease anxiety, helping the body to relax and thereby also reducing its inflammatory response. So, not only could CBD oil shampoo potentially help when massaged into the skin of the scalp, but CBD oil taken orally could also aid in lowering the body’s level of inflammation.

Other Shampoos That are Good for Your Hair

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Even if you’re not looking for a hair loss shampoo, or a hair growth shampoo, you can still get a lustrous head of hair with hemp shampoo. With its ability to interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, CBD oil shampoo could potentially give you healthy radiant hair through a wide array of nutrients.

Hemp shampoo derived from the whole plant contains essential fatty acids and antioxidants that are like food for your hair. It also contains amino acids, which your hair needs if it’s going to grow.

There is another type of oil out there, that has gained quite a bit of traction in the hair care industry. Argan oil shampoo and conditioner has been on shelves for decades now, since argan oil also contains antioxidants and essential fatty acids. And now that CBD is legal in the United States, you can find CBD oil shampoo that is combined with argan oil. Is this the best shampoo for hair loss and growing a healthy head of hair? Maybe. 

But until science catches up with this growing industry, answers can only be found through experimentation. And this much we know: CBD won’t do anything bad to your hair. So next time you go shopping for hair growth shampoo, try finding out if CBD oil shampoo works for you.

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