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CBD Oil Aromatherapy Bracelets – Fashion Meets Function!


They’re all the rage – aromatherapy bracelets with lava rock. They’re fashionable AND functional!

How can you incorporate CBD Oil into your creation? Easy! Read below for our DIY Bracelet making online class.

First step is the gemstones, stones,gems, rocks or crystals – so many people have different names for them, but for this article let’s call them stones.

Creating aromatherapy bracelets is not only relaxing, but you’ll have a gorgeous and meaningful bracelet at the end too!

You’re going to want to purchase your stones from an online credbile source that has good quality, and doesn’t take 13 weeks to ship!

We suggest Fine Gems Canada for our Canadian friends and Fire Mountain Gems for our American pals. From our experience, shipping is relatively fast.

The first step in creating your bracelet? Set your intention. What will this mean for you?

Will this bracelet represent a reminder to chill out, enjoy life and just breathe? Or will it have a deeper meaning for you?


Then you’ll need Elastic Stretchy String. We suggesting buying a spool of this. They’re inexpensive and multi-functional too. (use them for any jewelry or at-home DIY projects) The best size to get is 0.5mm in diameter so that you can ensure it will fit through the tiny little holes of your stones. Click here.

Next up? Choose your stones. This is by far, the best and most fun part!

8mm beads are the most popular – but you can also choose a smaller 6mm, or a larger 10mm. Up to you! Generally, men like 8mm and 10mm.

Are you looking to create more love or self-love in your life? You’ll want to choose Rose Quartz for that.

Need more intuition, want to release fear, anxiety, and have more balance in your life? Tigers Eye is the stone you need.

Want to bring more wisdom and truth into your life? Choose Lapis Lazuli – a gorgeous deep-sea blue to wear around your wrist.

NOTE: In order for your bracelet to actually be an aromatherapy bracelet, you’ll need to purchase lava rock!

Adding CBD oil into your aromatherapy mixture can help skin feel less dry, and really extends the longevity of the essential oils.

If you choose our CBD Peppermint Oil you can skip the essential oil tip!

Next, you’ll want to choose your aromatherapy oils and our favorite place is Amazon. Choosing an oil that matches the meaning or intention of your bracelet can have a powerful effect on your mood so choose carefully!

Our Top 3 Favorite Essential Oils are:

  1. Peppermint Oil
  2. Lavender Oil
  3. Citrus Oil

Click here to head over to Amazon.

The next step in creating your bracelet, once you’ve chosen and received your stones in the mail is of course; assembly!

Play relaxing or chill-out music set your intention for your bracelet, choose a spot in your home that is quiet, nibble on some of our tasty edibles, and relax while you create.

Fashion meets Function with CBD Oil!
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Cook Time: 45 minutes
Keyword: fashion, jewellry, lifestyle
Servings: 1 bracelet
Author: Steph Van De Ven
Cost: 25


  • Elastic Stretchy string
  • Beads/Gemstones
  • Scissors
  • Soft towel
  • Table or area to assemble your bracelet
  • Small glass dish to mix your cbd oil and essential oils
  • Essential oil
  • CBD oil


  • 20-25 individual stones Any stone of your choice
  • 5-7 mg CBD oil
  • 4-5 drops Essentil oil your choice!


  • Cut about 30 cm's of your stretch string
  • Place 2-3 knots on the same part of the stretchy string, leaving about one inch of space at the end.
  • Place your stones in a pattern on the towel in a straight, horizontal line. The stone in the center will appear on the top of your wrist, so if this is a feature stone, make sure to pay attention.
  • Starting at the left or right side, start to string the beads, one by one. Take your time, and remember your intention!
  • Once your beads are on the string, carefully wrap it around your wrist without knotting it up to be sure it will fit. Add or take away beads as needed.
  • Once it's the desired length, tie both sides together using several knots on the same spot, and pulsing it gently to tigthen it and cut away the loose string.

Once Your Bracelet is Tied Together:

  • Mix your CBD Oil with 5 drops of essential oil in the glass bowl.
  • Using just your pinky finger or index finger, drop as many drops as you wish direclty onto the lava beads of your bracelet. Lava is porous, so this means not only will it retain the wonderful aroma, but it will last for hours!
  • Throw it on your wrist and enjoy it! You can now set your intention and meditate if you wish.
Tried this recipe?Mention @cannadish or tag #cannadish!

Enjoy the process and let us know how your CBD Oil Aromatherapy Bracelets turned out in the comments below!

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