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CBD Oil May Help You Lose Weight


CBD May Help You Lose Weight

If you’re anything like me, you could stand to lose a pound or two but it’s not always easy, is it? Insert a big,fat: “sigh”. CBD may help you lose weight though!

CBD Oil has had a ton of attention lately. It’s not surprising: the list of potential benefits is pretty darn long! CBD for weight loss has become the ‘next trend’ – but we feel like it’s here to stay.

People are also using CBD for healthier hair, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and better skin too.

While we don’t know how commonly CBD oil is used for weight loss, we do know it’s a topic people are talking about—there are millions of results on Google and research is quickly catching up.

So can CBD actually help you lose weight? Let’s check in and see.

CBD and Weight Loss


Cannabis and cannabis-based medicines have long been prescribed to patients with HIV and cancer to boost their appetite and encourage weight gain. But here’s the thing: according to clinical trials, those products didn’t help patients gain weight!

Studies of body weights of cannabis users have found them to be leaner than non-cannabis users. Seems completely opposite of what we thought we knew, right?

CBD comes from the cannabis plant but does not have THC (the compound in cannabis that can get you high).

One study in the Netherlands (where pot has been legal for years and years) gave people different strains of cannabis and they actually found that those who took CBD only, had a decrease in appetite compared to their counterparts who had the THC-only strain!

The Bottom Line About Using CBD for Weight Loss

CBD edible candies from Cannadish

Research on CBD oil is still new and studies that look at CBD and body weight are pretty limited.

But, when you take a peek on Google and see how many people are willingly reporting how great they feel once they’ve added CBD in their wellness routines – it’s hard to ignore!

CBD May Help More Than Weight Loss

I know it can feel like an uphill battle, but combined with exercise, CBD could very well be your new personal trainer.

Experiencing a shift in your wellness routine jump starts your body and activates chemical messengers telling your body it’s time to shape up, literally!

CBD Wellness Routine For Weight Loss


Here’s a little routine you could try at home daily, to help you lose weight with the help of CBD!

Of course, we always suggest speaking with a medical professional before taking anything new, but if you try our suggestions below and journal your daily progress you may see some seriously awesome results!

Daily Routine:

  1. Upon waking, drink a big glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice
  2. Go for a 30-minute walk outside
  3. Prepare a healthy breakfast with enough calories to help you maintain health, but help you lose the weight you want to. ( a fitness app is great, or calorie counter)
  4. Once your belly is full you can choose to take a) CBD Capsules b) CBD Oil or c) CBD Gummies alongside your other vitamins or supplements Again, check with your medical professional before doing anything.
  5. Favorite a Yoga Channel on YouTube and practice every single day for a minimum of 20 minutes.
  6. If you can, walk again after dinner and try not to eat anything after 6-7 pm.

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