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CBD for Psoriasis: It Really Works!


CBD May Help Psoriasis

It feels frustrating and embarrassing and may stop you from going out in public, but CBD may help Psoriasis, as well as it’s symptoms and we’ll show you how, and why in this article!

We can’t promise it will disappear altogether, but we can promise that it is a great option to try and one you may not have thought of yet, so let’s chat about CBD and it’s positive effects on your skin & wellness!

Pain, Swelling and Skin Irritation Solutions


CBD may be able to decrease what’s called: “skin keratinocyte proliferation” which is just a more scientific or dermatological way of saying; one of the key factors that make it feel so painful. CBD may help psoriasis!

For those living with this, or who think they are – let’s learn briefly about what Psoriasis is and how CBD could offer relief and help.

What is Psoriasis?

  • an autoimmune response where healthy skin cells are attacked and replenished at a faster rate than normal
  • causes inflammation in blood vessels which result in pain, swelling, and skin irritation
  • has a strong genetic component, meaning you inherited it
  • is triggered by specific environmental stimuli

Psoriasis happens when there is a buildup of dead skin tissue due to the epidermis’ inability to shed old skin cells faster than new ones are produced.

The effects of psoriasis can cause symptoms including pain, inflammation, and depression … CBD may act as a natural therapy to reduce these symptoms.

How Can CBD Help Your Skin?

Cannabis infused skin cream.

CBD has been known to help decrease inflammation in the body, reduce pain, swelling, and help skin heal from the inside out. It can be especially helpful with acne, and dry scalp too.

And, if you know anything about the endocannabinoid system, CBD works together with special receptors in our body to help to regulate immune function such as skin cell growth, making these two unlikely pals a possible healthy combination to fight psoriasis!

Products for Psoriasis

CBD Oil – you can enjoy taking CBD Oil on a regular basis and not have to worry about getting high. ( there are other fun options for that if you choose!) Combined with soothing peppermint, Cannadish CBD Oil may be the key to combating skin irritation, swelling, and pain – all annoying symptoms of Psoriasis.

Cannadish 1500mg CBD oil peppermint bottle with tube

Capsules – much like CBD oil, the benefits are endless but the taste and experience is a little different. Some people just don’t like to swallow oils, and for that reason, capsules exist! With daily doses, you may start to see an improvement in your skin, reduction of irritation and those pesky patches may start to disappear.

Gummy Bears – all the wellness benefits of CBD and twice the fun! Who doesn’t like a tasty little gummy bear? These little cuties pack a CBD punch and just like a multi-vitamin, you can take one or two a day to improve your skin’s health and wellness overall.

Shampoo & Conditioner – Psoriasis can show up anywhere – even on your scalp or the nape of your neck. It’s not fun, and needs to be told to leave the party! Start shampooing and conditioning your hair and scalp with Cannadish CBD Shampoo and Conditioner.

Luxury CBD Shampoo by UDEA

While results vary depending on the person, using natural ingredients on your body that work with your receptors and the immune system is an easy yes, for us anyway!

If you’re currently trying ot manage Psoriasis, try our CBD products and let us know in the comments below how it worked for your wellness!

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