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Cannabis Couture: Is This High Fashion, Or High Hopes?

Image of Kristen Bell in high fashion.

Do you enjoy cannabis and couture separately? Now you don’t have to.

Though the name speaks to a provoked property of cannabis, high fashion seems an unlikely dilettante of this budding industry. However, the resulting merger of these two markets is stunning for fashion and cannabis alike. Finally, the smoke screen is lifting and cannabis is taking over runways around the world. In turn, big names are blazing the trail to the cannabis revolution. Most notably, celebrities are sporting hemp clothing, leaf motifs, and marijuana flowered jewellery. So, why is the fashion industry eager to welcome cannabis couture? As a result, will these hopes go ‘up in smoke’? 

Is cannabis couture really a ‘thing?’

Most certainly, Cannabis couture is the ‘thing’ in high fashion. Couture is hand crafted, ethereal, designer clothing and wearable frills. High end magazines, stores, and the runway is where you see these luxury products.

So, how is cannabis and high fashion intertwining? Of course, burgeoning and well-known designers keep a keen eye on current global climates. This is for brand inspiration. Hence, if there is a revolution taking place, you can expect this to be reflected in high fashion designs. Excitingly, it seems like cannabis prohibition is coming to an end. As a result, innovative couturiers continue to capture this in their lines. Thusly, the love child of fashion and cannabis is crawling down runways. Now, what do we call this baby? Cannabis couture.

Is cannabis high fashion even a worthy financial endeavour?

Firstly, the cannabis industry needs to spark a healthy financial outlook for these two industries to align. Promisingly, this Forbes article (2020) projects that the cannabis industry will elicit $2.1 billion in sales by year end. Keep in mind, this is in CBD derivatives alone. Though this pales in comparison to the $2.5 trillion fashion industry, this is a very promising beginning for the CBD clothing world.

Even more, the earning potentials of the multi-revenue streams that cannabis couture items suffuse are quite favorable. Consider the potential revenue from diamond encrusted vapes, to cannabis kicks, and hemp clothing alone. The marriage of cannabis and high fashion seems like financial kismet.

So, how are celebrities sparking up this trend? 

Notably, if you follow main stream media, it’s likely that you will see celebrities gushing over CBD and its potential benefits. From Kim Kardishian West (KKW)’s baby shower hype, to Kristen Bell’s Women’s Health Magazine interview, these fashionistas are starting household conversations about CBD oil.

Additionally, Rihanna, Miley, and Snoop can all been seen in weed leaf adorned garb. Subsequently, you may be wondering why these fan favorites are stirring the pot. The truth is that their reasons differ. KKW’s CBD themed baby shower is rumoured to have been designed to invoke calmness. Supposedly, this is in preparation for the arrival of her and Kanye’s fourth child, Psalm. Learn more about KKW infamous CBD baby shower here.

Miley Cyrus Seen In Marijuana Flowered Body Suit by The Blondes

Further to this, Kristen Bell is very open about how CBD oil assists in the management of her anxiety. As for Miley, Snoop, and RiRi, expect to hear these three speaking to their straight up enjoyment of the plant. Whether intentional or not, celebrity impact on the fortitude of trends is massive. The trickle down from celeb to civilian is inevitable as these influencers dominate social media. Consequently, their rants on the benefits of CBD are only fanning the flames of this beauty trend.

Which high fashion designers partake in cannabis couture?

Interestingly, if we were to explore all of the designers incorporating cannabis into their high fashion lines, we’d be here for quite some time.

Check out the most notable cannabis couture designers and how they read the smoke: 

1.) Alexander Wang 

Need we say more? Alexander Wang (36) is one of the most notable names in high fashion. Certainly, this designer is world renowned for his urban inspired apparel. Wang marries cannabis with couture in the most wearable way. Alexander’s fusion of cannabis and high-end streetwear harmonizes cannabis clothing in an astonishing yet modish modality. Therefore, from head to toe, Wang isn’t leaving a body part unnoticed with this collection. These clothes feature marijuana flowers with grace and intention, solidifying their space in high society.

2.) Korto Momolu 

Photo Credit: Rinny Wilson, VCU Communications and Public Relations

This runway project is sure to elevate your spirits. Korto Momolu (36)’s athleisure line is intended to change cannabis conversation from feeling high, to feeling well. This designer’s clothing is created to be size-inclusive and celebrate how the body moves. Interestingly, Korto’s designs do not include cannabis leaf motifs. She is sure to be heard discussing her unique fabrics made from hemp, metallics, and sustainable materials. Momolu’s goal is to ensure that her clothes empower women. This line inspires wearers to feel well about the fit, feel, fashion, and environmental footprint of their clothes.     

3.) Vivienne Westwood

Make no bones about it, Vivienne Westwood (78) is known for her environmental advocacy. It is no surprise that this daring designer infuses cannabis clothing into her lines. Not only is Westwood including the marijuana flower in her creations, she is using hemp materials. Her edgy, bold, and quirky clothing screams that cannabis couture is now. Even more, Vivienne brings colour extravaganza to the runway while cornering the cannabis clothing market. Her sophisticated hemp business-wear boasts elegant and interesting pieces. If clothing isn’t your thing, check out Vivienne Westwood’s cannabis orb-necklaces.    

Is Cannabis Couture Just a Phase? 

Realistically, it looks like cannabis couture is here to stay. Humans have been using cannabis for thousands of years. It took a long time to get here and the smoke is clearing. Cannabis fashion is getting its moment in the sun. What happens when a plant reaches the sun? It grows!

Seriously, though, when we examine the revenue potential of cannabis high fashion, there is reason to be invested. Combine fashion financials with celebrity adornment, and look out social media; we have a true fashion show!

The revolution of cannabis and high fashion has begun. We are seeing gorgeous must-haves coming down the runway on known models and the world lighting up with excitement. It looks like cannabis high fashion is going to be around for long while, even though it is a little green right now.  

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